Here's What Justin Bieber Named His New Puppy, In Case You're Dying to Know

I'm not sure who decided it was a good idea that Justin Bieber should have a pet puppy, but that seems to be what has actually happened: Justin Bieber has a pet dog that he's reportedly named Karma, according to his father in a Twitter post. In case you missed it because you were too busy paying attention to things that actually matter, Bieber got the bulldog puppy a few days ago while visiting family in his native Canada over the holidays. It was a bit of a head-scratcher that Bieber would be allowed to have a puppy after he pretty much abandoned his pet monkey in Germany earlier this year because he couldn't find the time to acquire the correct paperwork to own a monkey, and then when the German government seized it, he refused to return to the country to pick up his monkey. Ugh.

So, despite all that, Bieber got a puppy. OK. Not too long after, Bieber's father, Jeremy Bieber, took to Twitter to announce to fans that they would be allowing a "Belieber" to name the puppy. "So were gona let one lucky #belieber name @justinbieber s new puppy.... Follow and find out how it can be you," Jeremy wrote. A day later, Jeremy posted a tweet with the chosen name: "so we have got a name selected for the newest Bieber. Big thanks to @justinfredos the Belieber who chose it '.Karma'."

So, there you have it. Justin Bieber has a new puppy, and it's named Karma. Let's move on now, yes?