Couple Takes Awkward Engagement Photos On Purpose & Becomes Your #RelationshipGoals

Engagement photos are normally a pretty serious affair, but not for this couple who took intentionally awkward engagement photos. Instead of doing the regular, serious stuff, this couple got silly with it, and just became our new #RelationshipGoals. Because the couple that jokes together, stays together, right? Dressed in bad '80s styles, the pair look like Florida retirees. The groom wears a hilarious porn mustache and tropical polo shirt tucked into elastic waist pants, while the bride wears and amazing polyester turquoise number with shoulder pads and huge square glasses.

The couple's friend posted the amazing photos to Imgur, along with one "serious" one, but I like the silly ones best. Especially the one where the man is doing "awkward floating hand" embrace on the woman. It's perfection. Because we all know there's nothing more awkward in this life than a hand floating over someone's shoulder in a photo, too afraid to actually touch. The couple's funny photos kind of remind me of Richie and Donna from 30 Rock, which is a deep cut, but if you're a 30 Rock fan you'll understand. If not, sorry, but you should catch up. Here are the couple's hilarious intentionally awkward engagement photos:

To celebrate awkwardness, here are some more awkward couple photos, many of which I'm unsure about whether they're intentional or not:

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Images: Pexels; Imgur