How To Be A Chipotle Burrito For Halloween

Ever heard the expression "you are what you eat"? Well, help lend some truth to that phrase this October by dressing up in a Chipotle burrito Halloween costume. How did you not think of this before now? I have no idea, but I know you just stumbled upon some Halloween costume gold.

Chipotle burritos — they're squishy, they're giant, they're yummy, and most importantly, they're delicious. Can you really go wrong deciding to dress up like one for Halloween? I say no. The other great thing about dressing up like this preservative-free, beloved American specialty is that it is a relatively simple and cheap costume, depending on what approach you take. You see, being a Chipotle burrito is more about a sense of spirit than an actual physical object. You're basically representing all that is right with the world of food. There are no strict guidelines for getting dressed up this October. There is only a rule about how you have to feel — and that's awesome.

So before you start piecing together your supplies, go get yourself a Chipotle burrito to put you in the right frame of mind for crafting the Halloween costume of your dreams. You see, nothing will make you want to be a burrito more than eating one. There are very few things in this world that are worth rolling yourself up in foil for, but Chipotle burritos are one of them.

1. Be a boss about it

If you really want to do things right, then do them right. First, create a toga for yourself using a brown sheet.

Brown Sheet, $13, Target

Then, slip it on over a green shirt.

Next, add in a frilly salsa collar you can make by cutting up pieces of green, red, and black crepe paper, and sticking them into the neck of your shirt. (You can also cut out felt corn pieces.)

For the finishing and most important touch, wrap yourself up with a space blanket, and slap on a printed Chipotle logo.

Done and done.

2. Go the foil route

When you see a long, bulky object wrapped in foil, what do you think of first? A burrito, obviously. Buy a couple rolls of Reynolds Wrap, and get to work.

Aluminum Foil, $9, Amazon

You can really be dedicated like these guys, or you can cut out some arm holes for yourself... I won't think any less of you.

3. Get comfy

Not all burritos are made of rice and beans... sometimes they're made of humans. I'm pretty sure we've all had a "burrito of saddness" day once or twice in our lives. Embrace it this Halloween.

Get your favorite snuggie, sleeping bag, or blanket and wrap yourself up...

Fleece Throw Blanket, $9, Amazon

...and carry around an actual burrito with you for good measure.

If anyone tells you that your blanket outfit doesn't count as a Chipotle burrito, just start crying.

4. Be lazy

There's nothing wrong about being lazy on Halloween. If Chipotle burritos, as a general concept, aren't the epitome of lazy, then I don't know what is. Save the bag from your next venture to Chipotle, and supersize it this Halloween. The money you save on not buying a Halloween costume can now be spent on extra guac. Perfect!

Images: Jason Eppink, Anima Kitty/Flickr