7 'Scream Queens' Fashion Moments That Are Literally To Die For — PHOTOS

Move over Carrie Bradshaw, Cher Horowitz, and Blair Waldorf — there's a new fashion queen in town and she goes by the name of Chanel Oberlin. If you've been keeping up with the new horror comedy show Scream Queens, you are fully aware that the stylish character, played by Emma Roberts, has the single most enviable wardrobe on television right now. The show's costume designer gave Teen Vogue a sneak peek at the Scream Queens costume closet, and it's just as killer as you can imagine.

The creative mastermind responsible for the high-gloss, fashion-forward stylings of all the Chanels, Lou Eyrich, gives fans a peek into the fabulous fashion trailer in the short clip. Alongside Roberts, the two flaunt all the fashion-y goodness we crave each week, including a floral dress and matching jacket with a yellow fur collar by Alice + Olivia that is literally to die for.

"You can go over your lines in your pajamas, but you don't really feel that essence until your put on the fur jacket and the stilettos," says Roberts. The actress definitely captures the essence of Chanel in vintage Chanel and Dior jewel-encrusted frocks and matching tweed skirt suits.

From preppy-chic plaid skirts to swanky feathered dresses and everything in between, these are my seven favorite fashion looks from the show thus far.

1. Feathered Dress

Always say yes to feathers.

2. Satin Night Gown

She even sleeps in style.

3. Powder Blue Skirt & Top

Chanel #6's wardrobe has come a long way in just 4 short weeks.

4. Pastel Tweed

There is no such thing as too much tweed.

5. Quilted Two-Tone Dress

This has vintage Chanel written all over it.

6. Fur & Floral

Teal fur? Yes, please.

7. Cropped Pink Fur

I would kill to raid Chanel's closet.

Check out the full video for all the jaw-dropping fashion.

Images: FOX (8)