The Fall Accessory You’re Forgetting: Sunglasses

by Sara Tardiff

I can't get enough of fall accessorizing. Sure, wide-brims hats and sarongs are a thing during summertime, but there's nothing quite like great sunglasses that go with everything paired with a fall outfit, am I right? We're talking scarves, boots, and hats galore. But in an endless world of fall 'must-haves,' sunglasses are the one key accessory you're likely forgetting.

Sure, they're the one accessory that really link summer and fall together, but sunglasses are equally as important (and stylish) regardless of the season. Something about wearing sunglasses in autumn gives the illusion that you are more thoughtful about curating your outfit and generally have your life pretty together. They are basically the opposite effect of wearing your pajamas out in public. And who doesn't want complete strangers projecting that onto you? Especially if all it takes is a single accessory.

The difference between shopping for summer sunglasses and fall ones is slightly different. In the summer, brighter colors and more trendy shapes are probably your go-to, since summer fashion is just as fleeting as those summer months. With fall, you're looking for a more reliable pair that will last you into winter, quality and trend-wise. Here are ten pairs of sunglasses that are ideal for fall, that you can rock day in and day out.

1. Colorblocking Isn't Just For Outfits

Zara Metallic Sunglasses, $23, Zara

Especially when it's two on-trend colors like burnt orange and cream, which coincidentally sounds like a delicious latte flavor to rival pumpkin spice. Just brainstorming.

2. No Missed Connections

A.J. Morgan 'Cocktail' 47 mm Sunglasses, $27, Nordstrom

As InStyle Accessories Editor Danielle Prescod told HuffPost Style, "an advanced modern aviator with that connector" is all we need for fall. And I totally trust her, mostly because her nameplate necklace says "Blessed" instead of her actual name.

3. Return Of The Everyday Aviator

On The Fly Reflective Aviator Shades, $20, Nasty Gal

Aviators are considered classic for a reason. Throw on a pair and you look way more strategically accessorized than the effort (none) you actually had to exert.

4. Nothing Wrong With A Little Blues

& Other Stories D-Frame Sunglasses, $22, Stories

Opt for an unexpected color to compliment your fall wardrobe. A pop of blue is exactly what a sea of leather jackets and plaid button-ups needs.

5. Cat Eyes Aren't Just For Liner

zeroUV Indie Fashion Round Metal Mesh Cat Eye, $11, Shop Zerouv

Cat eyed sunglasses might have already had their moment, but try a modern twist with this intricate metal version. Very iRobot meets Hello Kitty.

6. Be Transparent

Quay Australia Kosha Mirror Round Sunglasses, $49, ASOS

No, transparent glasses are not exclusively for bearded baristas riding out this whole hipster pandemic. They're literally the most versatile eyewear, considering they are, well, see-through.

7. Something Cartoonish

Dita 'Believer' Sunglasses, $475, Dita

Wire-frame sunglasses can be cute and kiddish, but dress them up with a red lip and you're in business.

8. Don't Forget Your Fall Color Palette

Saint Laurent Bold D-Frame Acetate Sunglasses, $345, Net-A-Porter

There is no escaping burgundy this fall. Perhaps we can just rename it Candy Apple and feel a little better about the fact that this fall color will probably never stop being on-trend.

9. It's All About The Hardware

Spitfire Sonic Sunglasses, $39, Forever 21

These are the kind of sunglasses that are both memorable and acceptable for everyday wear. They're just that cool.

10. 50 Shades Of… Nevermind

& Other Stories Round Frame Sunglasses, $22, Stories

Colorful lenses are fun, as long as they're paired with a toned-down frame (and you're OK with seeing through lavender-colored glasses).

Now go pick out your new fav fall accessory, with a little inspiration in tow!

Images: Courtesy Brands (8); ditaeyewear/Instagram