Jane Austen Accessories You Need To Own Right Now

by Julia Seales

If you’re a Janeite, you probably understand that sometimes it’s not enough just to own (several) copies of all Jane Austen’s novels. Sometimes, you need to take it to the next level. Why just read about the worlds of Elizabeth Bennet and Emma Woodhouse when you can surround yourself with so many Jane Austen accessories that it feels as if you’re actually living the story?

Of course, I’m not talking about the frustrating parts of the stories (and the time period) where women had few options and property passed only to men and people married just for money, etc. etc. I’m talking, of course, about the wonderful parts of the books. The balls! The dancing! The clever and cutting quotes from Jane Austen as she both observed and criticized her surroundings! Who wouldn’t want to pick up some accessories that can remind you of all the best bits of Jane Austen’s novels?

Since you can’t actually jump into the novels and meet all your favorite characters while taking a long walk in the gardens (when is Austenland going to become a real place?!), the next best option is to surround yourself with the words and advice of Austen herself, printed and painted on your favorite accessories.

Mr. Darcy Keychain Charm

The perfect addition to your keychain, this mini Darcy is definitely cute enough to tempt me to purchase it ASAP...

Mr. Darcy Keychain Charm, $9, Etsy

Jane Austen Tights

Warm your heart AND your legs with these great tights, printed with Austen quotes.

Jane Austen Tights, $25, Etsy

Jane Austen Cookie Cutter

Everyone needs cookies to go with your tea. Might I suggest this Jane Austen-shaped cookie cutter, so you can both express your love of Austen and baking, all in one?

Jane Austen Cookie Cutter, $6, Etsy

Persuasion Book Clutch

They say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but this cover happens to make a perfectly beautiful book clutch. Just make sure you already have a copy of Persuasion, because the insides of this one are hollow, unlike the actual version, which is full of a great story. Then again, let's be real — you're probably going to be storing books in your purse anyway.

Persuasion Book Clutch, $58, Etsy

Pride And Prejudice Book Scarf

This is one of my all-time favorite Jane Austen accessories I've seen. Stay warm with a scarf screen printed with Pride and Prejudice quotes.

Pride And Prejudice Book Scarf, $48, Etsy

Austen Quote Burlap Pillow

Add some Austen wit to your home with this cute burlap pillow — it will give your room a pop of rustic charm, so you'll feel as if you're living at Pemberley.

Austen Quote Burlap Pillow, $23, Etsy

First Proposal Tote Bag

If your favorite Austen quote is the very classic first proposal from Pride and Prejudice, this is a tote bag you'll fall in love with. Most ardently.

First Proposal Tote Bag, $15, Etsy

Anne And Frederick Earrings

Much like Anne and Frederick, these earrings are the perfect pair.

Anne And Frederick Earrings, $19, Etsy

Jane Austen Pin

If you're looking for a small way to show your love for Jane Austen (or maybe a little present for a fellow Janeite), this pin is the perfect way to say, "The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good Jane Austen novel, must be intolerably stupid."

Jane Austen Pin, $3, Etsy

Half Agony, Half Hope Cuff

This bracelet will pierce your soul. <3

Half Agony, Half Hope Cuff, $16, Etsy

Jane Austen Lanyard

If you love Jane Austen, AND you need to organize your keys, you're in luck - this Jane Austen lanyard is the perfect pick.

Jane Austen Lanyard, $15, Etsy

Austen Quote Sticker

Love to read? Love to read Austen? Love to quote Austen on a sticker while you're voraciously reading? This sticker can take care of that for you.

Austen Quote Sticker, $3, Etsy

Jane Austen Hair Bow

You don't need to wear a bonnet to say, "I love Jane Austen." This hair bow will do the trick!

Jane Austen Hair Bow, $25, Etsy

Austen Flask

This flask is just waiting for you to fill it with... tea ;)

Austen Flask, $15, Etsy

Pride And Prejudice Costume

If all else fails... you can always just go for broke and fully dress up as Elizabeth Bennet. Because... why not?

Pride And Prejudice Costume, $54, Etsy

Image: Storiarts/Etsy