Kim Kardashian's Makeup Artist Wants You To Stop Contouring

Kim Kardashian's makeup stilo is so in-demand that the reality starlet-turned-mega-entrepreneur has turned it into a business, regularly lending her famous mug for masterclasses to teach fans and beauty addicts how to get a perfectly contoured look like hers. But, in an interview with Grazia, Kim K's makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic admitted that he is so ready to move on from contouring.

Thanks to his most famous klient, Dedivanovic has earned himself the nickname "the contour king," although it's not a moniker he's comfortable with. "I just don’t necessarily love being labelled as 'the contour king' or the one who invented contouring, because I really didn’t," he said to the publication. True, he may not have invented it (I think we can credit Renaissance oil painters for starting this trend — have you seen what Da Vinci did for Mona Lisa's cheekbones?) but he definitely contributed to helping it go mainstream.

But now, as with every trend, Dedivanovic is ready to see it retire — at least for now — and he has good reason; the makeup artist and masterclass-master is no one-trick pony. "I don’t want to be labelled just for that, because there’s a lot more to my work I think than just contouring!"

Being a makeup artist — or an artist, in general — doesn't have to mean going overboard (Kanye, hear that?) and Dedivanovic knows this well. After years of working as a makeup artist, he is definitely sympathetic to the fact that, big nights out or, for some of his clients, major red carpet events aside, sometimes you (and your skin) just need a break.

A lot of the points Dedivanovic makes in the Grazia interview are totally unexpected, especially coming from the man who arguably made contouring a thing, and a lot of his comments actually underline how social media hype, especially when it involves a well-known celebrity, can spin out of control.

Here's what Dedivanovic has to say about what makeup looks he actually prefers over contouring, and his favorite look for Kim K.

1. Contouring is not for everyday.

He may or may not actually be "the contour king," but in reality, he prefers a much more subtle look for everyday. "A defined brow, a simple bit of liner, a little pop of color in the lips and natural skin is really great and it’s the way I would go if I was a woman and had to wear make-up everyday," he told the publication.

2. Embrace the natural look.

"I think that people are getting carried away in today’s kind of extreme society with trying to look too perfect and using so much product," Dedivanovic confesses to Grazia. "I think it’s important to stay as natural as you can, so I’m excited for a more natural look to start coming into fashion."

3. Getting more "likes" for drama vs. natural makeup is "awkward."

"Every time I post a natural look on social media, I get no response from it, no comments. I get no likes, and then you post something that’s so dramatic, just as a test — something that I kind of think has a cheese-factor to it, and I get forty thousand likes and I get a million comments. It’s really awkward to me!"

4. Kim K actually looks great sans makeup.

"My favorite look on Kim would definitely be when I do no eye shadow whatsoever and literally a lip balm, some concealer. I just think she looks so beautiful and so fresh when she has hardly anything on," he told Grazia.

That's pretty refreshing, especially coming from a makeup artist! Read the entire interview over atGrazia.

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