10 Websites Everyone Should Bookmark, According To Reddit, So Boot Up Your Browser & Get Clicking

The Internet is a vast and ever-shifting landscape full of amazing resources and glorious destinations, buried though these things might be amidst the mountains of trolls and porn. So when you find something cool, it pays to bookmark it — and here are 10 websites everyone should have bookmark, according to Reddit. And there are always more where these come from. Because, you know, the Internet.

Everyone has their favorite websites, but we all know there are more out there. The Internet has some of everything, if you look hard enough. You can find funny videos, bizarre images, scientific studies, fan fiction as variable as the human imagination, recipes for dishes you'd never heard of, satirical news articles, personality quizzes, advice blogs, games, art, music, and places to purchase just about anything. I mean, there exists an entire website dedicated to letting you find an invisible cow. There's a website where you can listen to Wikipedia being edited. Another that is nothing but Darth Vader screaming.

Basically, if you can think of it, it is on the Internet — and if it's not, well, then, obviously you have to put it there. It's your duty as a denizen of the digital world.

The downside of all this infinite variety, though, is that it can be hard to find the good stuff — and then once you find it, it's absurdly easy to lose track of it again. So in that spirit, check out the crowdsourced list on Reddit of websites everyone should bookmark. Here are a few you should definitely save.

1. Open Library

This website, which is run by the nonprofit Internet Archive, wants to make information accessible for everyone. You can find over 1,000,000 free ebooks, which should keep you educated and occupied for quite some time.

2. Print Friendly

I know, I know — who actually prints things anymore? But if you do want to put something from the World Wide Web down on hard copy, it pays not to wind up printing out several extra pages of random advertisements at the bottom. With this site, just enter a URL, and the site will make the page printer friendly. Voila!

3. Comic Shuffle

Web comics are one of the best things about living in the Internet era, and with Comic Shuffle, you'll never run out of new ones. It delivers comics from 27 different sites, allowing you to just keep hitting "random" forever.

4. Unplug The TV

Are you feeling like your brain is rotting? Instead of TV, this website will pull up an educational video so you can stare at the pretty pictures while learning cool things. Because the world if full of amazing stuff to know.

5. A Soft Murmur

Trying to get work done is hard in a world where infinite distraction and learning are just a few clicks away. So instead, keep this website on deck for background noise that will help your concentration instead of blowing it.

6. Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is a great educational resources for everything from math to music to history. It doesn't just tell you things, but also teaches you how to solve problems — which is, needless to say, very useful.

7. Chordify

The musically inclined among you will doubtlessly want to keep this one close at hand. Just upload a song, and it will give you the chords so you can strum along.

8. Manuals Library

Just about everything you buy these days comes with a manual, bute chances are that even if you try to keep track of them, you will lose them. That's why it pays to keep Manuals Library in your bookmarks — it contains over 1,000,000 PDF manuals for tens of thousands of brands.

9. Sporcle

Do you love quizzes? Bookmark this site and you will never run out. There are new ones everyday.

10. Gnoosic

Gnoosic will help you discover new music. Put in three bands, and it will tell you what else to listen to.

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