'Price Is Right' Gives Out Biggest Prize Ever To Someone Who Isn't You

Good news for the one person in the world who this affects/bad news for all of us who are not that one person in the world: After 41 years on television, The Price Is Right 's has given a $157,000 car to its biggest winner yet.

According to Today, the car in question is a black Audi R8 Spyder Quatro, and it was given to lucky contestant Sheree Hall, who won at the show's game "Gas Money." Apparently, this specific game is also one which gives the contestant the chance to win, along with a car, $10,000 — which Sheree also managed to take home. I believe this is what we refer to as ridiculously good luck.

While Hall, with over $170,000 worth of winnings, is definitely the biggest winner in The Price is Right history, the Audi is not actually the most expensive car the show has featured: Back in April of this year, a contestant had the opportunity to win a Ferrari 458 Italia Spider, which is priced at about $285,000. The contestant, unfortunately, did not manage to win that car.

But back to Hall — she did walk away with the Audi. The rest of us, on the other hand, look like sad Aaron Paul when he was on The Price Is Right back in 2000.

We feel you, Aaron, we feel you.

Here is a shot of the car to make you even more jealous:

Image: Imgur