7 Easy Sexy Halloween Makeup Tutorials To Inspire Your Costume — VIDEOS

While some people go all out scary for Halloween, it's also a holiday that let's you be as completely sexy as you want! If you're committed to sexy over creepy but don't know what look you're going for yet, let these tk easy sexy halloween makeup tutorials inspire you for the holiday. They're simple, fun, and bound to make you feel all "ooh lala."

Sexy makeup also deserves a playful outfit and shoes. Bustle writers rounded up some of the best costume ideas ever, so have a look! I'm personally super digging these sexy and hilarious Halloween costumes, these super sexy Halloween costumes that are not at all pathetic and sad, and then the sexy Halloween costumes that just really shouldn't exist. Of course, if you're a die hard Disney fan, why not pair sexy makeup with one of these classic Disney princess Halloween costumes?

Shoes-wise, I say sexy Halloween is all about impractical heels! If you've ever wanted to rock massive platform boots, now is the time! Got a pair of crazy Beyonce-worthy stilettos collecting dust in your closet? Pull them out and shake them off!

Get your makeup bag out, it's time to do this!

1. Sexy Cat

Oh come on, you knew this classic had to top the list.

2. Sexy Devil

Get in touch with your bad side. Your really really bad side.

3. Sexy Vampire

'Cause baby now we got baaaaaad blood.

4. Sexy Witch Makeup

You'll be the "little pretty" everyone wants to get! Wizard of Oz, anyone? Anyone? And I'm leaving...

5. Sexy Skull

The perfect blend of sexy and haunting.

6. Sexy Zombie

This zombie clearly hasn't been dead for too long! Be the sexiest of the dead with this gray skin and smokey eye look.

7. Sexy Creepy Clown

I hate clowns but I am in love with this one.

Image Credit: YouTube