8 Cracked Doll Halloween Makeup Tutorials

by Lindsey Rose Black

Can't decide whether to go super creepy or extra cute with your Halloween costume this year? You don't have to look any further, thanks to this roundup of cracked doll Halloween makeup tutorials! You'll be the most terrifying, yet precious gal at every costume party.

Though the tutorials below focus on makeup, don't forget to create the perfect outfit to complete the look. Think cute, but creepy and reach for whimsical floral dresses, some knee high socks, and maybe a classic little pair of Mary Janes to top it off.

Don't forget your accessories, either! The doll look really comes to life when you pay attention to the details. Consider rocking a head full of adorable pin curls, pinning in tons of little bows throughout your locks, and popping a quirky hat on. As for nails, I'd suggest either going clean, sweet and classic with a DIY "Naked" manicure or pink sparkles. Yo could also take things in an entirely different and creepy direction with straight up black nail polish or another dark fall shade.

Every tutorial below is easy enough to DIY so don't be intimidated. Try out a few until you find the one you love best. Have fun!

1. Vintage Broken Doll

OK, first and foremost, the fact that Sasaki never speaks and manages to create an incredible tutorial is amazing. This is easy to follow and results in a classic, eery look.

2. Cracked Face Doll

The perfect tutorial when you only have a few minutes to get ready!

3. Dummy Doll

Eeeek. This one might actually give me nightmares it's so impressively spooky.

4. Shattered Eye Doll

This one definitely walks the line between sexy and scary.

5. Psycho Doll

Feeling crazy? Go for this super intense, but surprisingly simple psycho doll look!

6. Neon Creepy Doll

Creepy doesn't have to automatically mean dark colors. Go bold and spooky with this neon look.

7. Cracked All Over Doll

Take over your whole face with cracked doll makeup. Chelsey breaks it down step by step so you won't have a problem following it at all.

8. Cute Meets Creepy Cracked Doll

This cracked doll tutorial is subtle, but delivers just enough creepy to spook your friends out.

Image Credit: YouTube