The Darkness & Dean Are Connected On 'Supernatural,' Which Can Only Complicate His Mission To Destroy It

This is a real low blow move by Supernatural, but man is it going to make for some incredible television. On the Season 11 premiere of the hit CW series, Dean and Sam had to deal with the immediate aftermath of releasing the Darkness. While Sam awoke in the Impala after the surge of the Darkness fog hit, Dean was nowhere to be found. Finally Sam notices him in a field one mile away from the action and Dean tells Sam that the Darkness is a woman. Throughout the episode, we see flashbacks to Dean talking with the Darkness (though he lies to Sam about the conversation they exchanged), and finally we end on one frightening note: It turns out the Darkness and Dean are connected by a dangerous symbol we all know well: The Mark of Cain. When Dean attempts to save a baby from the Darkness' carnage, the show revealed that the baby has the Mark of Cain as well, meaning that the baby is actually the Darkness.

What the Hell is going to happen next? For one, episode 2 "Form and Void" seems to focus on the fact that baby Amara is certainly not a normal child, and she is most certainly dangerous. But the Darkness manifesting itself into Baby Amara is definitely interesting. It seems that wherever Dean goes, the Darkness and the Mark of Cain follow.

During one of Dean's flashbacks to his conversation with the Darkness, Dean asks her why she has yet to kill him, and she makes it extremely clear: They are connected and they share the same path no matter what. Does that mean that if the Winchester brothers find a way to destroy the Darkness, Dean will be destroyed as well? Or has the Mark actually left his body and mind completely?

Things are never quite simple on Supernatural, even if sometimes they should be (because seriously these guys can and will likely never catch a freaking break), so my guess is that the Darkness will continue to follow and haunt Dean as a physical manifestation of the thing he tried to keep locked away inside himself: Violence, evil and destruction. Guys, be wary. It's pretty clear that Supernatural Season 11 is will probably be the darkest yet.

Images: Carole Segal/The CW