5 of Europe's Best Walking Cities, So You Can Check if Your Study Abroad Spot Made the List

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Reeling through Bangkok on a tuk-tuk is a rush, and mastering Seoul's subway system will earn you 100 Master Traveler Points. But sometimes strolling through a city on foot is simply the best — you can explore charming neighborhoods, get some exercise, and better acquaint yourself with how the pieces of each city's puzzle fit together.

But not all cities are well suited to pedestrians (I'm looking at you, Los Angeles), and for those people that prefer to get around on foot (I'm looking at you New Yorkers), Europe is basically a walker's dream realized. Whenever I'm there, I'm amazed at just how many miles I walk by the end of my trip (bring a pedometer!) — the excitement of exploring a new city always trumps the exhaustion of a long day on my feet. Paris and Venice aside, I've rounded up five of the best European cities to see on foot.

Image: Prague/Facebook

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