Mugsy Men's Jeans Are Stylish Without Being Suffocating

"Boyfriend jeans" have become a staple cut. Most ladies probably have a pair (or two) of loose-fitting and comfy boyfriend jeans, which were designed with women in mind, in their closet. But what about actual boyfriend jeans? You know, the kind designed specifically for a man's body? Mugsy Jeans has created slim fit jeans with a roomier crotch.They are fitted, yet comfortable. They are stylish, but less suffocating.

Some dudes have the desire to wear super baggy jeans in order to have some, uh, breathing room, since tight-fitting denim can feel like a death grip and thus encroach upon one's junk!

Mugsy Jeans allow for extra room in the crotch, without that sloppy, pants-on-the-ground look. This isn't a matter of accommodating for junk size, either, so get your head out of the gutter, people! It's about comfort. Mugsys are slim fit jeans for the common man!

Unfortunately, brand founder Leo Tropeano doesn't recommend swiping these from your boyfriend's closet, since the extra crotch space might create extra bagginess on the female form.

So maybe you won't want a pair of these for yourself if the fit isn't quite right. But if there is a man in your life who is guilty of wearing "too baggy" jeans, you can cross him off your holiday shopping list. These pants are the perfect gift!

Tropeano told me that he often meets female customers who complain that they can't get the men in their lives out of their beloved baggy jeans and into something a bit sleeker. "They refuse to give up any of the comfort," the designer noted. "A surprising amount of my customers are women buying jeans for men for that exact reason! Mugsys are good starter pairs to get your boyfriend into better jeans. It's mutually beneficial for both."

So what, exactly, makes Mugsy Jeans better? "Mugsy Jeans are the first slim fit jeans specifically designed to accommodate a guy's parts and provide ultimate comfort. The result is mind-blowing," Tropeano enthused.

"We took a slim fit and altered it to be less constricting for guys," Tropeano further explained. "So they have a more tailored fit, but with the stretch. They are as comfortable as sweatpants! It was way, way harder than that to actually perfect our fit. But at the end of the day, it really is that simple of a concept."

Mugsy Jeans are just right in terms of their shape and crotch space. You can never have too much space — in your closet or in your actual jeans.

"I knew I was onto something when I converted all my friends to slim fit jeans after they tried on Mugsys! And I have very stubborn friends," Tropeano said.

The jeans run from sizes 29 to 38, with a $149 price tag.

Images: Courtesy of Mugsy (4)