President Obama's Favorite TV Shows Offer Great Lessons in Feminism

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We all know that the POTUS is a total dad when it comes to his sense of fashion. So it shouldn’t come as a shock that President Obama is also a total dad when it comes to his favorite television shows. The President recently revealed his top TV picks for 2013, and they are on-point. Homeland, Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Downton Abbey, and Breaking Bad are among Obama’s favorites. (Though he’s a little behind on Breaking Bad, so no tweeting any spoilers to @BarackObama, okay?) Indeed, the President of the United States has the exact same taste in TV as your old man. Presidents, they’re just like us!

Obama also noted that he loves watching Mad Men, and not for the style tips or masterful dialogue. In fact, he loves the show because of how the character Peggy Olsen sheds an important light on how hard-working women of his grandmother’s generation dealt with being in a man’s world. Hear hear, Mr. President, hear hear.

There are a lot of important feminist lessons in all of President Obama’s favorite TV shows. So if you want to watch these shows like a total bawse and like a total feminist, here’s a look inside.

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