Sleep is probably the hottest commodity when it comes to millennials. Forget rent controlled apartments and the new iPhone 6s, those extra few minutes of shut eye are what we all really want. That's why how to cover up greasy hair becomes a key question in the quest to shorten our morning routines. If there's a choice between sleep or washing and drying your locks, sleep wins basically every time. Thankfully, there are hacks and products galore that will help you cover up the oil slick that happens to be in your hair.

Outside of wanting to catch up on your shut eye, there are tons of benefits to letting your hair reach a greasy state. Washing your hair every day strips it of its natural oil meaning that your scalp isn't getting the moisture it needs. Plus, why wash your hair every day when there are tons of great hairstyles, products, tricks, and otherwise tricky ways to cover it up. Why not try to be a Kardashian for a week and go five full days rocking different hairstyles? Because say what you will about that family, their beauty game is on point.

So what are these clever ways to camouflage greasy hair? Time to divulge some lazy girl secrets.

Dry Shampoo

Bastiste Dry Shampoo, $7.99, Ulta

Dry shampoo is the lazy girl's best friend. A little spritz and bam! volume and oil free locks.

Baby Powder

Johnson's Baby Powder, $4.99, Target

If you're out of dry shampoo, one of the best beauty hacks is to know that baby powder does nearly the same things.


Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

A great floppy hat is a fantastic way to cover up greasy hair, and it's super chic.

Braids on Braids on Braids

Kirstin Sinclair/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Rock a braid (any kind of braid!) to hide those oily strands.

Slick Back Pony

Caroline McCredie/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The slick back ponytail has become ultra popular in part for it's sleekness and also because it's a signature of Kim K.'s. It's the perfect hairstyle for day old hair because it's best done with greasy hair.

Wide Headband

Ornate Floral Satin Headwrap, $3.90, Forever21

Rocking a wide headband or scarf is a great way to camouflage your strands and look like you paid a little extra attention to your locks in the morning.

Top Knot

Caroline McCredie/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Top knots are all the rage right now, and they're super easy and quick to accomplish. Greasy hair problem solved.

Set your alarms a little later than usual enjoy your extra sleep.

Images: Courtesy of Brands