'Shark Tank's Nerdwax Is A Nerd's Dream Come True

by Rosie Narasaki

Even if you're coming into this knowing next to nothing, you have to admit that "Nerdwax" is a pretty darn awesome name — it certainly captures your attention, right? It's one of those names that's just the right mixture of vague and interesting, but still sounds like something you might potentially want to own. So what exactly is it? As it would turn out, Nerdwax is one of Shark Tank's latest entrepreneurial products and is (as the aforementioned name would suggest) a wax and get this, it helps keep your glasses from slipping down your face (can you say "game changer?"). It's kind of genius, if you think about it — what a simple solution to such a pervading (and pesky) problem. If a couple swipes of wax can keep me from pushing my glasses up my nose all day, count me in.

The creator, Don Henjy, was inspired to invent the anti-slippage product after working a concert where the musician was constantly pushing up her glasses. A glasses-wearer himself, his heart went out to the beleaguered performer — and by the time the concert was over, he was already brimming with possible solutions. Thus, with a little tinkering with various formulas, Nerdwax was born.

Another benefit to the product? When formulating Nerdwax, Henjy was mindful of skin concerns and breakouts, so it's made using organic and natural ingredients, like beeswax and coconut oil — it is, after all, a concoction that makes a lot of contact with your face (since you apply it to the bridge/nose pads of your specs).

So, Where Can You Buy It?

Well, it's currently available on the Nerdwax website, where you can either choose to purchase one tube for $10, or three tubes for a $20 package deal. It's also available at select stores across the country (the website has a location checker, so you can see if any Nerdwax retailers are in your area).

It's tough to say whether or not the Sharks will decide to back the project, but one thing Nerdwax definitely has going for it? Consumer interest — back in April of 2014, the Nerdwax team launched a Kickstarter aiming to raise $5,000... and they ended up raising over $60,000 (now, those might just be some numbers the Sharks might be swayed by). There's also the fact that it's already being sold in retailers across the country, which also demonstrates demand, and I think the Sharks will be intrigued by such a simple (and cheap) yet much-needed new product.

Could it be the next Scrub Daddy? Here's hoping.

Images: Michael Desmond/ABC; Giphy