Taylor Swift Could Be Taking A Break

Her most recent album might be called 1989, but I'd definitely say that 2015 is a pretty good year for Taylor Swift. Between celebrating the success of an album so huge that Ryan Adams just had to cover it, a sold out tour around the world, and everything in between, this may actually be the peak of her career — so far, anyway. But have we been too exposed to Swift lately? Is that even a thing that's possible? Swift seems to think so. In her cover interview with NME (via Us Weekly), Swift admitted that she's thinking about taking some time off soon, because people might need a break from her. Wait, what?

"People might need a break from me," she said. "I'm going to hang out with friends. Write new music. Maybe not write new music. I don't know."

And if she gives into this idea, Swift certainly wouldn't be the first celebrity to take this approach. Last year, Jennifer Lawrence said she was worried people were getting sick of her, too, and Anne Hathaway took a lengthy break from filming movies when she was worried about the same thing. And let me be perfectly clear here: I have never been or will never be tired of Lawrence, Hathaway, or Swift, even if Lionsgate decided to follow Katniss Everdeen to the District 12 nursing home.

Taylor Swift, you can consider this my formal plea for you not to take a break — now or ever. There are so many reasons that Swift falling off the grid would be the worst thing in the world, especially now.

She Can Do Basically Anything She Wants Right Now

You know that stage where celebrities become so famous that the powers that be in Hollywood will literally let them take on any project they want, regardless of the consequences? It's like when Beyonce's people trusted her enough to release a secret album with absolutely no — and because she's Beyonce, it was ridiculously successful. Swift is just now reaching that phase, and I need to see what she can do with the opportunity. It may never come again!

I'm Still Waiting On That Calvin Harris Collab

I wasn't sure at first, but now, it seems as if Harris is here to stay. Obviously, this means Swift and Harris need to collaborate on what will undoubtedly be an instant top 40 hit — preferably about how awkward it is that Harris and Swift's ex, Joe Jonas, keep finding themselves in the same social gatherings, because I have always wanted to know if Harris thinks that's weird or not.

The World Needs More T. Swift Pop

Admittedly, Swift hasn't been "country" for a long time, but now that she's 100 percent committed to this pop thing, I know there's a lot more where 1989 came from, and the world needs it.

How Would We Live Without Cat Updates?

Meredith and Olivia are still pretty young, and they have so much untapped kitten potential on Instagram. If Swift disappears into the abyss, I would never be able to watch them grow up into full grown, magnificent cats that I know they will be someday, and that's too heartbreaking to even think about.

Swift, you cannot go anywhere. There is so much left for you to teach me (and the rest of the world) about life, love, and more importantly, what it's like to almost be a Victoria's Secret Angel. Please don't leave me!

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