Stay In The Catacombs Of Paris This Halloween

by Jessica Learish

Listen up, all you fear junkies. In case casually hitting up your friend's Halloween party just doesn’t cut it on the fear factor scale, here’s a chance to win the ultimate Halloween experience: there is an Airbnb contest to stay in the Catacombs of Paris on Halloween night. As Airbnb explains in its spook-tacular listing, the contest winner and one companion will be the only two living people ever to wake up in the underground tunnels with the bones of about six million people. "Bienvenue to the bowels of Paris," it says. Bienvenue, indeed!

I'm not sure I would get any sleep hanging out with six million dead folks underground, but if that sounds like an adventure to you, head to Airbnb to enter the creepy cool contest. There are other perks to hanging out down there as well — Airbnb promises a “dazzling culinary experience,” and a private concert. But before they leave you to the ghosts, a storyteller will pay a visit to the winners to freak them out with a creepy bedtime story. Is this starting to sound like the dream vacay of Chad Radwell from Scream Queens to anyone else?

So, if your passport is current and you've got some frequent flyer miles to burn, enter to win before Oct. 20 at 7 p.m. Eastern time. And just in case this has inspired you to plan a haunted vacation of your own, here are some other creepy Airbnb listings you can book to stay in this Oct. 31.

1. Creepy Master Suite In Minnesota Castle

Reviewers say that the host is gracious enough to investigate if you hear a strange man's voice in your room. The listing states that they also host "ceremonies, rituals, etc.," which totally has you sold, right?

2. Ranch Camping With Haunted House And Pumpkin Patch

Purportedly kid-friendly camping on a 100-acre ranch in northern California features a pumpkin patch and a haunted house run by the hosts. Just don't get spooked when the sun goes down and you hear something rustling outside of your tent. *Evil laugh*

3. Old-Timey Jail Cell In Pennsylvania

Say you really miss Deadwoodthis Airbnb is your perfect home away from home for Halloween. I love that the host has listed a jail cell as a "private room."

Image: austinevan/Flickr; Airbnb (3)