These 'Silicon Valley' Stars Crashed NYCC

I'm never crashing a party again unless I'm outfitted in a superhero costume, am carrying a bullhorn, and am sponsored by Smirnoff. Seriously. On Thursday, Silicon Valley 's TJ Miller and Thomas Middleditch crashed New York Comic Con and helped convention-goers celebrate the first day of the event with a free cocktail — because what better way to help you get through that Game of Thrones panel, right? The pair "road-tripped" (allegedly via Uber so that they could stop at bars and drink responsibly along the way) to NYC as part of Smirnoff's new Exclusively For Everybody campaign, and because, Miller tells Bustle, "I like vodka." Same. As if I didn't already want to party with this squad.

On Wednesday, Smirnoff released a series of short videos on YouTube of the pair coming up with their superhero movie idea and proceeding to request an Uber to drive them cross-country to NYCC. For fans of Silicon Valley, it was like Christmas came early to see Miller and Middleditch's humor at its best a few months prior to the Season 3 premiere. Miller says that the opportunity Smirnoff presented him with — to do "his type of comedy" with his "best friend" — was too good to pass up. And, even though Miller insists that, while he calls Middleditch his BFF, the feeling is far from mutual, it's obvious that this pair could probably sell me on just about anything.

"For me, TJ and I being in a spot and just doing bits for a few days is just great," Middleditch says of the pair working on Smirnoff's videos. "I think of it less as an advertisement and more of a short form piece of comedy," Miller says. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go marathon this videos to fill the massive void Silicon Valley's Season 2 premiere left in my soul.