A Coconut Oil Costume Is A Halloween Must

Looking for a superhero Halloween costume, but aren’t in the mood to go the traditional route and dress up as any of your favorite Comic-Con characters? My friends, look no further than a coconut oil Halloween costume! Seriously, what other oils are as mystical and and powerful as the almighty coconut?! That’s right—none of them.

Cheers to you if you’re already well-versed in the super powers of coconut oil but, if not, prepare to be legit amazed. Coconut oil has tons of beauty benefits you probably didn't know about, is amazing as a DIY makeup remover, can actually help clear your skin, and will make your hair super silky smooth.

You can also use coconut oil in the kitchen! It's delicious added to smoothies, can turn into chocolate fudge, and is an epic vegan alternative to butter for the best chocolate chip cookies ever.

As for the costume, this is very much a quirky DIY version of beloved coconut oil. If you’ve got over $1000 to drop on a ridiculously life-like coconut outfit, do it. Otherwise, follow the steps below for your own affordable, adorable, and hilarious coconut oil superhero Halloween costume. Viva la coconut oil!

1. Brown Hoodie

Unisex Hoodie, $48, American Apparel

Start with a simple brown base.

2. Two to Three Brown Inflatable Floats

Pool Float, $19, Amazon

I know these are everything bagel floats but, when stacked, they look like coconut shell!

3. Umbrella Hat

Umbrella Hat, $5, Amazon

Get yourself looking all tropical and yum!

4. Sign

Following this image, grab a piece of paper and write, "Hi, I'm coconut oil. I fix everything!" and tape it to your inflatable float coconut shell. Prepare for giggles.

5. Sunglasses

Blues Brother Sunglasses, $2, Party Supplies

Because coconut oil is cool AF.

Image Credit: Courtesy of Brands