How To Get The Stitched Lip Look For Halloween

With October slowly creeping by, it only means one thing: Halloween is upon us. And while "I'm a mouse, duh," is a classic, nothing beats a scary costume — here, find all the Halloween makeup quick stitched lip tutorials that'll make sure you're on every party's best-dressed for the evening. Just be careful; some of these are really creepy.

I'm pretty sure that from ages five through 10, I dressed up as a witch every single year. My sisters and I would put on the same black smock (apparently, we didn't grow much in those five years), throw on a wig, and of course, a pointy hat. While everyone around us was dressing up as Disney princesses, Little Red Riding Hood, or mermaids, we were rockin' the demure look.

While some love their cutesy Halloween costumes, when somebody walks into a party in full-out scary gear, everyone stops and stares. It always gets more compliments and high fives than let's say, a sexy whatever. I've always wanted to dress up as something scary, like a skeleton (shout out to my best friend who painted his whole face, and claimed he was "Dead This Way"), but I've always been intimidated by doing the makeup myself. Maybe not this year, thanks to these kickass stitched lip tutorials.

With these stitched lip tutorials and a makeup kit, you'll be all ready to scare everyone you know on the spookiest night of the year.

The All-Too Realistic Tutorial

OK, so this one may be too extreme for some, but if you're looking to freak some people out, this will definitely do the trick.

The Full-On Skeleton

This tutorial is a bit more manageable, and you can actually talk with this version! While it's not in English, the visuals are enough to take you through this weirdly cute look.

The Bloody Version

Ok, am I the only one that's actually getting scared from looking at these?

The Colorful Skull

For you all out there that want a colorful spin to the stitched lip — this skull is perfect for you.

The Ultimate Professional Tutorial

Inspired by American Horror Story, this tutorial is the most legit I've seen. Obviously, if you're going for just the lip part, you can just skip to that. While this is technically a "skull" look, the stitched lip and skull mouth look pretty similar!

6. The Half Skull

Half skull, but full creepy. This look will definitely have heads turning all night long. This year, ditch the traditional costumes and go for these creepy looks. Just make sure you snap some shots!