Gigi Hadid Covers 'Vogue' In The Netherlands

Is a U.S. Vogue cover on the horizon for one the hottest supermodels currently strutting her stuff on runways and for top designers? I am beginning to think so! Model-of-the-moment Gigi Hadid covers the Netherlands edition of Vogue, looking like her usual gorgeous self with a tangle of messy hair, skinny jeans, a cropped graphic tee, and a classic tweed jacket. But it's her most realistic Vogue cover so far.

It appears that the model, who recently slayed everyone and everything with her body positive Instagram post, has been collecting international Vogue covers. But so far, an American Vogue cover remains elusive. Soon, Geeg, soon! I have full confidence you will eventually get there, girl.

Hadid pouts perfectly, as is usually the case, on her latest Vogue cover, which is for the region's November issue.

She looks like she just got off a death-defying roller coaster, thanks to her super messy waves. She's not rocking perfect, Gisele-approved, beachy waves. This is Hadid's version of bedhead. It's knotted and wild, beautifully and perfectly so.

So far, Hadid has covered Teen Vogue, as well as Vogue in Australia, Brazil, and Spain. How does her Netherlands cover stack up? Well, we'll get there in a second. First, we must marvel at Hadid's look on her most recent version of the fashion bible.

She executed the perfect mix of high and low, thanks to her skinny, hit-at-the-ankle jeans and text tee, topped with that fancy jacket. Any of her fans would want to and can replicate this ensemble with a quick trip to the mall! That makes it her most realistic Vogue cover of the bunch.

Hadid was a fresh face with beachy waves for Teen Vogue. Her minimal makeup only served to spotlight her natural beauty. This cover also provided a major source of inspo for her fans, as it encourages one to show of their face "as is."

Her Vogue Brasil cover was much more glamorous, as evidenced by the cover tag. Those thick, one-shoulder waves were everything.

Her Vogue Australia cover was windswept and white, in terms of her outfit. Are you noticing the pattern? Her Vogue covers are all about about her soulful, expressive eyes and her signature blonde strands. This one was super sweet and simple.

She got all '70s and furry for Vogue Spain. What a glam queen with a retro, Stevie Nicks vibe. But this cover was the most fashion editorial-like and least IRL-like of her many Vogue covers.

Hey, Anna Wintour! Got a question for ya! When is Gigi Hadid's American Vogue cover? Soon, we hope!

Images: Vogue (4); Teen Vogue (1)