Gigi Hadid Is A Super Supportive Sister

The Global Lyme Alliance Gala was an emotional night for the Foster-Hadid family. When Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster, who was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2012, accepted an award at the event, she revealed she is not the only member of her family who has been battling the condition. Two of her children have struggled with it. Bella Hadid also has Lyme disease, as does her brother Anwar, their mother revealed in an emotional speech. Foster said,

When my two youngest children, Bella and Anwar, were diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease in early 2012, watching my babies struggle in silence in order to support me in my journey, struck the deepest core of hopelessness inside of me ... This award is for Anwar and Bella. This is my token and my promise to you that I will not allow you to live a life of pain and suffering. I will walk to the end of the earth to find a cure so that you can live a healthy life that you deserve. No child should suffer the way that you do.

It is certainly a heartbreaking reveal. After all, Lyme disease is a terrible tick borne disease that involves unpleasant symptoms like a characteristic rash and fever — and the possibility of being prone to infection. It is difficult to hear about one person in a family grappling with it, let alone multiple family members. No one must know that better than Gigi Hadid, the only person in the family not affected by Lyme disease. Thankfully, the model could not be more sweet and supportive through her family struggles.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Gigi opened up to Entertainment Tonight and said being the only one amongst her siblings and her mother that does not have the disease has been difficult, because she is the only one that does not completely understand it. In an emotional interview, the 20-year-old said,

What's been hardest for me is just trying to find a way to be their hope and kind of be a strength for them even with the disease that I can't understand fully because I haven't been through it.

But even though she may not be able to completely understand it, she is able to understand the importance of strong bonds and family connections when times get rough. She added,

I mean, my sister is my best friend, my mom is my best friend, my brother is my best friend. And you know when we need each other we're always there and you know automatically no matter what we have.

It is really inspiring to see Gigi stand by her family during their time of need. Without question, this has added another strong layer to the already powerful bond between her and her sister, as well as with her other family members. There is always light, even in their dark times.