'Harry Potter' Is Getting A TV Channel

Why didn't someone think of this before? Sky Movies, a UK premium movie network, has devoted a whole channel to the Harry Potter movies. That's nothing but all of the Harry Potter movies, back to back alongside interviews and behind-the-scenes specials. It's pure bliss for any Harry Potter fan, which is almost everyone. The marathon is in honor of the 15th anniversary of the first movie, and it will sadly only run for nine days starting on the 24th of October.

Just imagine how nice it would be to come home knowing that, if you'd had a day that was a little tough, unmagical, or adult, you could just turn on the TV and know that your favorite franchise would be there? Even though most people have already seen the movies, they are great to re-watch, comforting and full of memories and actually good movies. It's the perfect series to marathon, and I think that other networks should take their cue from Sky Movies.

The US should totally have a channel devoted to the Harry Potter movies, and not just for nine days: if not year-round, at least every October. Here are the reasons why a US network, and probably networks around the world, should devote an entire channel to the Harry Potter movie franchise.

1. ABC Family's Harry Potter Weekend Is A Big Hit

Whenever ABC Family has its Harry Potter weekend, it's like a holiday. My friends text me, we have a marathon, and tons of people on Twitter and Facebook appear to be doing the same. Everyone wins, including the network with the marathon on all the time.

2. We Love Marathon Watching

In the age of Netflix, marathon watching has become all the more common. I think more networks should take advantage of the fact that we seem to love sitting back and watching the same thing for hours on end.

3. Harry Potter Is The Perfect Family Series

All ages can appreciate the series, so the network would be a good thing to put on for the kids if the parents don't feel like watching cartoon animals.

4. But They're Good For Adults As Well

There are lots of fun drinking games to play with the Harry Potter movies. A nonstop marathon could be dangerous, but in the fun kind of way.

5. It Fills A Void Of Halloween Movies

If you're not into really scary horror films, Harry Potter movies provide a good way to get into the Halloween spirit. Some channel should make this an annual October occurrence; it would be so festive!

6. It's Great Background Programming

Sometimes, you just want to watch something that you don't have to pay attention to too much; maybe you just want to unwind or have something on while you work. Most of us know how Harry Potter ends and can pick up if we lose focus, but it's entertaining enough to stay interesting.

7. They Make For A Great Event

If you have friends over, and someone decides to turn on Harry Potter, no one will be mad, except that one guy, but you shouldn't be hanging out with him anyway. Marathons make fun parties, so a network could make that easier.

8. They're The Ultimate Comfort Food

Even if they don't provide an actual tie to your childhood, the Harry Potter movies are full of sweet moments that can put you in a good mood any time of the day.

9. The Harry Potter Lore Is Still Growing

Every time J.K. Rowling gives more Harry Potter news, it makes me want to re-watch the movies or reread the books. Unlike most other franchises, it's still very relevant.

And now it looks like I've convinced myself to re-watch the Harry Potter movies. If only I didn't have to find my DVDs, but instead could just turn on the TV....

Images: Warner Bros; Giphy (9)