The Entire Kardashian/Jenner Clan Has Yeezy Boosts

If my family walked around in matching shoes, we would probably be outcasts in our community, but when the Kardashians do it, it's somehow super fabulous. North West has custom Yeezy Boosts, because obviously every one-year-old needs a few pairs of $200 shoes in her closet. The youngin' isn't the only one who Kanye's style has rubbed off on, either. The entire Kardashian-Jenner clan has gotten into the Yeezy spirit as well.

It seems like they've all gotten a bit more athleisure ever since Kanye joined the famous reality TV family, and it's no surprise that his own daughter is rocking the trend as well. Kim Kardashian showed off the family of sneakers on Instagram with the caption "Yeezy's for the fam!" and #JustForNorthie. The shoes in the photo would tally in at $1,600, but I'm sure Kanye cut her a good deal (as if she needs it).

I must admit, the six pairs of Yeezy Boosts do look adorable sitting in a row. No one can deny that this is a fashionable family. Little North wears leather jackets that cost more than my rent, and for some reason I'm okay with that, perhaps because she's so freakin' cute. The shoes are just another step in the tiny tot's fashionable journey, and I can't wait to see where the personalized kicks fit in with her tutus and bomber jackets.

North isn't the only family member who's gotten a little more stylish thanks to dear old 'Ye. The entire Kardashian-Jenner clan has had some Yeezy style moments since Kaney debuted his collection. I'd like to personally thank the musician-turned-designer for giving the family a more down-to-Earth style.

1. Kendall's Athleisure Look

The model doesn't rock flats often, but she made an exception for the Kanye-designed kicks.

2. Kim's Au Naturale Outfit

Wearing Yeezy from head to toe, the reality star mom looked fabulous in the nude hue.

3. Kourtney's Outdoor Adventure

Honestly, if there's anyone who can manage to make a Yeezy tour jacket look high-fashion, it's Kourtney.

4. North's Front Row Ensemble

Matching mom and looking equally fabulous, North took the front row in a nude sweatshirt and jacket.

5. Khloe's Workout Gear

Working out in style is a must. What's better than bringing 'Ye with you to the gym? Rhetorical question.

6. Kris's Yeezy Sweatshirt

There's no question that Kris loves her son-in-law. She even wore his face across her sweatshirt.

7. Kylie's Casual Attire

Kylie loves sporting her Yeezy Boosts with everything from jeans to track suits.

Let's also not forget the time she walked his show.

8. Penelope's Comfy Tee

She pulls the Yeezy-inspired look off just as well as North does.

9. Mason's Street Style

The cousin style doesn't just stop with Penelope. Mason has been seen sporting some Yeezy-fied tees of his own.

This is one stylish family!

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