Woman Replaces Exes With Celebrities In Old Photos

After a particularly bad breakup, I know a lot of peeps wish they had the skill to start replacing people’s exes with celebrities like Kaitlin Kelly did with her photos. Unfortunately, we are not all as talented or creative, so we will have to settle for looking at her amazing work. I got a chance to speak with Kaitlin over e-mail, and asked her a few questions about her pictures that are blowing up the Internet right now.

Kaitlin is a TV writer and a freelance photographer/editor who was sitting around one night with a friend, and looking over old hard drives. She found a ton of old photos from high school which made her smile, but Kaitlin noticed that a lot of them had her ex-boyfriend in the pictures. It took only a few moments, but her friend was right there for her with a perfect solution.

I'm far past high school now, but it was a particularly toxic relationship, and seeing his face is something I'd simply rather not do. She [her friend] looked at me like I was an idiot and said "Uh, you're an editor and retoucher. Just Photoshop over them with celebrities and try to make it look as real as possible." Okay, challenge accepted.

And that is how the idea was born! Since then, Kaitlin has had an outpouring of support from people around the world who have stumbled upon her work. Many have been able to relate to her story and asked to get the same photograph treatment on their old relationship photos. While I personally don’t have too many pictures with my ex, I would like to photoshop celebrities into my picture regardless. Let’s face it, any photo at The Grand Canyon would look baller with Johnny Depp or Keanu Reeves next to me. Below are some of the pictures that Kaitlin had provided me of her work, along with her insights on the project.

1. On What The Reaction To Her Work Has Been So Far:

"I've gotten 50 emails from people alone not just asking if I can do it for them, but telling me their stories. I feel like I've become some sort of Photoshop priest."

2. On What Her Favorite Photo She Created Is:

"Probably the one of Megan Fox over my ex-girlfriend. She was making a classic duck face and so matching the facial position was hard, and luckily Megan Fox has beautiful pouty lips that made it a lot easier. The end result makes me laugh every time I see it."

3. On What Kaitlin Will Be Working On Next:

"In terms of expanding, I've already done a lot of digital art/photoshopping that I would love for people to notice in retrospect .... I'm always photoshopping and editing things for the fun of it — but I will say that having this attention has given me a lot more practice so I'm sure I'll do more edits of this variety in the future."

Images: Courtesy of Kaitlin Kelly Photography (4)