How To Make Your Halloween Wig Look Real

Wearing a costume with a wig this Halloween, but can't shell out all the money for a studio-grade wig? Luckily, no one will know the difference between your super cheap wig and a crazy expensive one if you follow the tips below for how to make your Halloween wig look real! With a little DIY effort, you'll be able to make your Halloween costume so much more life-like.

Last year for Halloween I dressed up as Daphne in a Scooby Doo gang group costume. This meant I had to purchase and long orange hair wig and I think I ended up buying one that was all of $10. It was a kinky, frizzy, shiny orange disaster. I kept it on my head for all of eight minutes before tossing it in a trashcan at the subway station.

Looking back, I really wish I had taken the time to try some of the tips below and make the wig a little more "hair-like." It was so itchy, way too shiny to look even remotely real, and the texture just a major bummer. Don’t let this be you!

If you're dressing up at all, why not go all out and make your wig as real-looking as possible? After my experience last year, I know I will be.

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1. Boiling Curls

This might sound crazy, but The Gloss writers promise rolling foam curls into your synthetic wig and boiling it in water for three to ten seconds gives it those perfect beach waves. Let the wig dry and fluff it out for natural, soft curls.

2. Reduce Shine With Paint

This vid breaks down how to kill the shine of cheap wigs with water and acrylic paint. Mix the two into a loose conditioner-like texture, coat the wig, and let it dry a little bit. Once it's no longer super damp, rinse under water and let dry again. You'll notice much more life-like strands!

3. Pump Up The Texture

Texture Spray, $47, Sephora

Editorial Pro Jimmy Paul told Vogue his favorite way to transform a wig is "a fresh blow-dry, a blast of texturizing spray, [and] some roughing up." Does it get easier?

4. Add Volume & Movement

Learn how to add volume and slight waves to your wig with this video. With a curling iron on its lowest setting and a pair of scissor to cut in subtle layers, anything is possible!

5. Cut Shine With Powder

Another way to kill shine? suggests sprinkling baby powder on your wig and running it through with your fingers to help dull it just enough to look natural.

6. Straighten With Water

With a little patience, straightening your wig is breeze. Pour boiling water over it, brush it through, and let it dry. Repeat as necessary until it's as pin-straight as you want!

7. Put It On Correctly

Another dead giveaway your wig is fake? Putting it on wrong! This video shows the steps needed to tuck even long hair into a wig correctly. Get a fishnet wig cap, part your hair down the middle and twist each side. Pin into a Heidi-like look and lay it flat before applying the cap. Voila!

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Image Credit: Maegan Tintari, Michelle Robinson, Austin Kirk, /Flickr