We Haven't Seen The Last of 'The Flash's Firestorm

Though The Flash has been known for its light-hearted tempo in comparison to its Arrow predecessor, the Season 2 premiere managed to deliver a one-two punch directly to our tear ducts when The Flash appeared to kill off Ronnieagain. As we all know, this isn't the first time the series has wanted us to presume that Caitlin's fiancé is no longer of this world. But if he managed to survive the particle accelerator explosion, then surely what happened to him inside the singularity isn't enough to fully wipe him from our small screen existence. And that's precisely why I'm willing to bet that Ronnie will return to The Flash at some point this season, though that doesn't necessarily mean it will be under the happiest of circumstances.

For all we know, Ronnie disappeared not because he died but because was sucked into a different dimension, which seems not just possible, but highly probable on a show like this. Barry was running faster than he ever has before in order to stop the singularity, so maybe during the explosion, Ronnie accidentally blasted off into an alternate timeline. (Perhaps that's how we'll eventually see Killer Frost come into the picture.) Because, when you think about it, his death really wouldn't make any sense, especially considering that Stein survived. If he was able to make it out of the blast unscathed, then the same should be said about Ronnie.

But just in case my opinion alone isn't enough, Robbie Amell — who plays the fiery character in question — took to Instagram and Twitter shortly after the episode aired to assure fans that this was not the end of Firestorm's story arc on The Flash. The actor posted a split-screen image of himself in character, along with the caption: "You haven't seen the last of me." And if that isn't a big enough confirmation that Ronnie will be back in some capacity, then I don't know what is.

Granted, this doesn't necessarily mean that Ronnie did, in fact, survive. Amell could return strictly in flashback form only. But I'm choosing to believe otherwise. There is still so much more of this character's story left to tell, so I doubt the writers will just let this arc go up in smoke (literally and figuratively in this case). Amell may be a little busy right now due to his role on the new X-Files series, but he loves this series and won't be able to stay away for too long. It's just a question of what reality he'll find himself in when that day comes.

Images: Cate Cameron /The CW; thecwflash/Tumblr; Robbie Amell/Instagram