7 Sexy Scary Halloween Makeup Tutorials That'll Creep Out & Seduce Your Friends — VIDEOS

Want a scary costume but also hoping to maybe meet up with a cute Tinder date at some point on Halloween? My friend, look no further than these sexy scary halloween makeup tutorials to find the perfect look. Each one of the looks below is just the right balance between "boo!" and "ow ow!"

Halloween is the best holiday out there because you get to shamelessly indulge in both your sexiest and spookiest sides. The most important rule no matter what you dress up as is to not hold back!

My favorite costume that walked the line between sexy and scary was my roommate's look senior year of college. She wanted to be zombie tennis barbie and it was ridiculously amazing.

First, we dolled her up all classic barbie glam and pulled her long, blond curly locks into a high ponytail finished off with a bow. And then the fun part began! We splashed water on her face to smudge her makeup, twisted bits of toilet paper in her hair, and totally wrecked her lipstick with smudges and loose powder.

Sadly, we somehow forgot to document the final look with an IG pic — we were too busy studying? — but here's how she looked right before! (And, yes, I was Wonderbread.)

Prepare to "ooh" and "ahh" and totally "AHHHH!" at the vids below!

1. Sexy Zombie Bride

Beautishka on YouTube

I can't decide if this look is going to give me nightmares or a wet dream.

2. Dark-Lipped Vampire

dope2111 on YouTube

Those lips say sexy, but the brows scream eeeevvvviiiillllllll.

3. Sexy Scary Clown

Jasmin Lee on YouTube

I hate clowns and yet, I still kinda wanna smooch this one!

4. Ghostly Kitty

Vanity's Makeup on YouTube

Cats are traditionally costumes, but this gray skin undertone adds a spooky layer.

5. Creepy Stitched Doll

dope2111 on YouTube

The doll part is all kinds of cute, but that creepy lip stitching, man!

6. Face Transplant

jessFACE90 on YouTube

Freak out everyone with one side of your face looking completely innocent and the other looking all "EEEEEEK"

7. Scarred Face

BeautifulYouTV on YouTube

There's something so sexy about a #IWokeUpLikeThis bright, clean face. Add dramatic fake scars to add just a touch of spooky.

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