Yes, That's Blood on Bar Refaeli's Face

Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli made her Instagram fans cringe when she shared a rather grisly selfie of her face during a blood facial. The photo revealed Refaeli's beautiful mug smeared with blood on her forehead, cheeks and chin. If she said she were playing an extra in The Walking Dead instead of undergoing a beauty treatment, I probably would've believed her. Alas, however, she is the latest celebrity to give in to the popular (yes, popular) blood facial craze developed by Alabama doctor Charles Runel.

So, here's exactly what happens when you go in for a "vampire facial." Blood is drawn from the patient's arm and separated into "platelet-rich plasma" using a centrifuge. Here, the part of the plasma which has a lot of anti-inflammatory properties are taken off. It is then combined with Restylane or Juvederm and injected into the face for volume replacement (a similar effect of botox).

We're not sure what kind of lift Refaeli is looking for or what lines or scars she's trying to hide. Pretty sure her face is as flawless as it gets, right? But it's all in a day's work for the celebrity model. Her photo caption said that she was getting the facial in preparation for her big appearance on X-Factor, which she hosts in Israel.

While I'd love to get that Refaeli glow, I'm not sure I'd go so far as smearing my own blood on my face. I'm just not that desperate. Yet.

Image: barrefaeli/Instagram