Kylie's Shopping Outfit Versus An Average Girl's

Our teen years are basically a time to start finding ourselves style wise, and this 18-year-old is no different. Kylie Jenner wore black overalls out shopping with Tyga, turning yet another shabby chic outfit into a completely sophisticated ensemble. It's a known fact that when you're famous, overalls look good no matter the occasion.

When Jenner hit the streets of California to do some mid-week shopping with her boyfriend, she combined a variety of styles that I never would've thought of pairing together. The formula for shabby-chic is pretty much as follows: Comfy outfit plus high fashion accessories to make a winning look. Jenner has perfected it, of course.

Pairing black overalls with a turtleneck and strappy shoes, this outfit was all-black from head-to-toe. She even left her locks dark to match the ensemble. Now, I know what you're thinking: How did she pull off black overalls? Aren't dungarees still largely reserved for '90s photo albums? Honestly, I don't know the answer to that. I do, however, know that my shopping outfit is, yet again, way too casual to compete. I tried my best to match up to the reality star, but her quirky cool style yet again one-upped me. Here's how Jenner's shopping look compares to that of an average girl's.

The Outfit: Kylie's Version

Yes, that is a turtleneck, and yes, it does look awesome. Jenner has her own personal style that can't be tied down to any sartorial genre, and that's what makes her so fabulous.

The Outfit: My Version

I missed the all-black memo, but this casual look isn't too bad if you ask me. Olive green is my favorite fall color, so Jenner and I were at least on the same page with our go-to hues.

The Makeup: Kylie's Version

Jenner's nude look is one of my favorites. Her lips look flawless without taking away from her dark, voluminous lashes.

The Makeup: My Version

I do not have lashes like Jenner's, but I did opt for a darker eye than usual. My dusty pink lip didn't give me as much lip-game as the star, but, hey, I tried.

The Nails: Kylie's Version

She went exaggeratedly long and all-white for her nails. They completely popped against her all-black out, and, as usual, she killed it.

The Nails: My Version

I went in the opposite of Jenner with oxblood nails to tie together my fall look. There's nothing I love more than dark nail colors, but Jenner's are making me think that I might just have to go light next time.

The Hair: Kylie's Version

Kylie Jenner's hair is often one of her most fun accessories, IMO. Although she kept the color natural, she tied it back in two French-braided pigtails that somehow completely tie together the shabby-chic outfit.

The Hair: My Version

Thankfully, you can't see the three-day buildup of dry shampoo on my scalp. I did nothing to my hair except apply Living Proof's Dry Shampoo (which I swear by), so this is about as shabby as my chicness got.

The Shoes: Kylie's Version

Here's where the chicness comes in. Jenner strutted through shops in these $660 Barbara Bui Pointy Toe pumps. I can't image actually walking around all day in them, but they are fabulous nonetheless.

Pointy Toe Pumps, $660, i

The Shoes: My Version

Not that I could ever compete with Jenner's shoe collection, but I'm pretty proud of these suckers. These shoes are the perfect in-between of casual and formal and are actually pretty comfy too.

Hooded Dress Shoe, $34.99

The crown of this outfit face-off goes to Jenner thanks to her high-fashion shoe, but I don't think I was too far behind. Until next week, Kylie.

Images: Vivien Killilea/Getty Images Entertainment (1); Kali Borovic (5); Courtesy Brands (2)