'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' Season 11 Ad Looks Straight Off A Fashion Runway — VIDEO

The Kardashians have been dipping their toes (well, their entire feet, at this point) into the fashion world for quite some time now, and E! 's promo for Season 11 of Keeping Up With The Kardashians once again reiterates this — because upon first viewing, it totally looks like a fashion ad rather than a reality show ad. Instead of a straight-forward promo that presents audiences with some sort of narrative, the Kardashians walk through a world that's reminiscent of a runway. They don't interact, they only strut and pose to show off the silhouettes of their (impeccable) clothing and styling. Considering the fact that the Kardashians have a lot of influence in the world of fashion (Kendall Jenner, for instance, is a high fashion model, and the other girls are often seen front row during fashion weeks around the world), this is no surprise — and, in a lot of ways, it fits their current lifestyle.

Upon the promo's release, Kim tweeted that this was her "fave promo we have ever shot," and posted a link to the video on her newly launched beauty site. The Kardashians are well known for posting about products within their Instagrams, for lending their faces to advertisements, and for befriending brand leaders — so, in many ways, the promo almost seems like an ad for their lifestyle. In that sense, there's a certain authenticity in it.

Need more proof? Here are all the moments from the promo that totally resemble a fashion promo:

Lens Flare Galore

The use of lens flare in this ad is as plentiful as it is on actual runways.

Walking Through A Void

They're not walking anywhere, they're walking across the catwalk of the screen to show off whatever item of clothing they're wearing.

The Split Screen

The split-screen effect seems like it came straight off a promo for a runway show.

Using Silhouettes As Patterns

This lovely and abstract effect is often used in makeup or fashion commercials to signify abundance and plenty.

Blowing A Kiss

Of course Kim is the one to pull off this beauty ad fixture.


Beauty ads often use psychedelic effects to show off the various bright colors of their products.

Posing In A Void

Where are they? It doesn't matter because they are dressed to perfection.

This Font

The clean san-serif and varied weight of the line is a classic for beauty companies and fashion magazines.

Lots Of Faces At Once

And more split screen.

The Song

It's the stylish, breathy "Kimono" by MNDR, and it sounds straight off a runway.

Tune in on Nov. 15 for the KUWTK Season 11 premiere.

Images: E! (9)