Kim Kardashian Tweeted A Link To The Kimye Love Story Video, And It Might Make You Love Them

No, we promise that this isn't the official promo for E! Kim Kardashian and Kanye West biopic about their longterm courtship and resulting relationship and baby. But even so, you know you love them — and if you don't, they shamelessly love each other and there's nothing you can do about it. (And we know you'd watch that movie if it came out.) Earlier today Kim Kardashian tweeted the link to a fan-made YouTube video titled "Kimye" but it should really be titled "Kimye: The Love Story of the Ages" — cue the E! and Ryan Seacrest executive producer offers. The video is a chronological montage of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star's relationship with Yeezus rapper and newly-vowed-to-silence fiancé Kanye West set to a soundtrack of Rihanna's 2013 hit "Stay" and West's own "Knock You Down" featuring Kerri Hilson and Ne-Yo. We're pretty sure Kris Jenner is pitching to the network to turn this into a feature-length episode of KUWTK as we write this.

All kidding aside — as much as we'd love to scoff at this for its sheer and unprecedented level of ridiculousness, it's actually kind of cute. Sure, smearing their unrealistically perfect relationship in our faces isn't fair but those two humans created one seriously adorable human named North West. No one can deny that every time a picture goes up on social media of that squeeze-worthy bundle of cuteness they flock to it like moths to a flame. And honestly (someone pinch me for even suggesting this) maybe we can thaw our frigid hearts and little and start finding Kimye cute in all of their excess.

Kim West on YouTube

Kanye said some pretty cute things (and we're not talking about the "her talent is being beautiful," quote) about Kim and vice versa so maybe they really are in love and we should start appreciating it. If not, hopefully we can look forward to them playing this video at their wedding.