6 Glam 'Scream Queens' Tutorials For Halloween

"Good evening, idiot hookers." Halloween is the time of year to try out new personas, but it's also the perfect time to try on a new beauty look. Whether you're looking for an on-point group outfit or just hoping to find a little makeup inspiration, Scream Queens makeup tutorials are likely the perfect way to channel (um, Chanel?) your inner diva for the upcoming holiday.

While some humans prefer to go spooky on All Hallow's Eve, I'm one of the many who want to keep things chic. There's no better place to look to find some high fashion costume inspiration than the cast of Scream Queens, if you ask me, but the style tips don't have to stop after October has come and gone. These makeup looks are perfect all year 'round, guys.

Although the show might be a little (OK, a lot) over the top, there's no denying Chanel's fabulous closet or the group's flawless makeup routine. The girls all dress pretty similarly, but it's their beauty routines that make them stand out among the rest. Thanks to YouTube, getting Chanel #2's classic cat eye and Hester's all-natural brow have never been easier. So even if you're over dressing up, feel free to get some real life beauty inspo from the stars of Scream Queens.

1. Chanel

Chanel is classic glam to the max. To get her look, you'll need to be willing to commit to the color pick and not be afraid of a little lipgloss.

2. Chanel #2

This look is all about the cat eye, and it's actually perfect for a daytime makeup routine as well. This tutorial will also show you how to get her hair and the Scream Queens knife to complete the entire costume.

3. Chanel #5

If you're a fan of blush, then this is the look for you. Chanel #5 has a really unique eye makeup look that's great for everyday wear, but she packs on the blush for a super exaggerated final product.

4. Grace

Grace's look is a bit less flashy than the rest of the girls', but will look fabulous no matter the occasion. Instead of black, bold liner, this gal is all about the warm hues.

5. Hester

This makeup is minimal, but her skin is flawless nonetheless. The video gives tips for her hair and costume as well, so you can get the full ensemble in no time.

6. Gigi

Gigi's makeup makes a statement, complete with fake lashes and lots of liner. The eyeliner is absolutely stunning if you're looking for a bronzy glow.

Halloween really can't come soon enough. Get ready to scream with delight as you embody one of these queens.

Images: FOX