Will Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton Date? 'The Voice' Season 9 Coaches Are A Match Made In Musical Heaven

In addition to giving attention to talented unknown singers, The Voice is noted for the camaraderie and banter between its coaches. Adam Levine and Blake Shelton have their famous bromance, but what about an actual romance? No, not between those two — I'm wondering, will Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton date? Both singers are currently single after rough summers for their respective marriages: Stefani and rocker husband Gavin Rossdale filed for divorce after 13 years of marriage and Shelton got divorced from his country star wife Miranda Lambert after they were married for four years. So, that leaves both Voice coaches single, but could they mingle with each other?

According to several websites and media outlets, Shelton and Stefani are hooking up, flirting, or just friends, which is the media's natural response to having two attractive and single celebrities working on the same TV show — they pair 'em up. Whether Shelton and Stefani's romance rumors are true or false, it's pretty apparent from their banter on The Voice and interviews they've done that the No Doubt singer and the country superstar both genuinely like and support each other.

Let's say the timing is right and they decided to start dating — I think it's pretty clear that Stefani and Shelton would make one powerful and awesomely cute couple for the following reasons.

1. The Chemistry Is Obvious

Their on-screen flirtatious banter has been noticed by fans and media outlets alike. During the Season 9 Blind Auditions, Stefani called Shelton "handsome" and "sweet. Shelton has playfully teased her about her tendency to bring up her history of being the only girl in the male-dominated band No Doubt. They are just too cute in the clips above.

2. Stefani Thinks He's A Funny Guy

People noted that the two coaches became fast friends during her stints on The Voice . "He's such a fun, funny guy," Stefani told the magazine. "He just seems like such a good person. I love being around him."

3. Shelton Admires Her

The country star told People that he admires Stefani's ability to juggle raising her family with being a savvy business woman and musician. "I don't think anybody's more covered up than Gwen, from just raising three boys and balancing a TV show and a solo record or a No Doubt record and touring and her clothing line," Shelton said. "Every day in the compound, you see her having a meeting with people you've never seen her having a meeting with before. It's crazy."

4. They're In The Same Situation

Both Shelton and Stefani are single for the first time in years. Stefani was married for 13 years. Shelton and Lambert dated for four years before their four-year marriage and, before that, he was married to Kaynette Gern for three years. Now, Shelton and Stefani both face heading back into the dating pool after so many years away — and that's a big thing to have in common.

5. Shelton Likes Kids

He's a supporter of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and he's stated in the past that he wouldn't mind having kids (back when he was married to Lambert). If he wants some practice being a dad to see what it's like, Stefani does have three sons from her marriage with Rossdale. (And there are rumors that Shelton has been hanging out with Stefani's brood.)

6. They Would Be The Ultimate Crossover Supercouple

Stefani has been the Queen of Ska since the 90s and one of the main female voices in rock for a long time. Shelton is one of the most recognizable names in country music. If they were to join forces, imagine those two huge followings united — Stefani and Shelton could seriously be the next Jay-Z and Beyonce.

But, for right now, nothing's confirmed and all I can say is — wouldn't it be cool if they got together? I know I'm rooting for them.

Image: Trae Patton/NBC