9 Song Lyric Tattoo Ideas For Fans Of Music & Body Mods Alike — PHOTOS

As a whimsical song lyrics meet body artwork enthusiast, when it comes to the ever-growing list of tattoos I'd one day like to adorn my body with, song lyric tattoo ideas are at the top of my list. The lyric from Biffy Clyro's song "Machines," "Take the pieces, and build them skywards," is a regular feature on my list, but I'm a big fan of many other as well. I find it incredibly reassuring to know that someone else relates to my personal trials and tribulations (particularly someone I find mega musically talented).

It would seem I'm not alone, either. From One Direction member Harry Styles' "Won't Stop Til We Surrender" Temper Trap tatoo (ink that Taylor Swift allegedly isn't such a fan of) to singer/songwriter Cher Lloyd's tattooed ode to Tracy Chapman's "All That You Have Is Your Soul," countless celebrities have jumped on the ballad-based bandwagon. They've joined us mere mortals on our quest to find meaningful and relevant song lyrics to decorate our skin with.

People say a picture can paint 1000 words, but a song lyric can arguably have 1000 meanings to every single listener. In addition, they're the perfect way to show your everlasting love and loyalty to a band or musician whose work has helped you through some pretty difficult times. Here are nine cool tattoos based on song lyrics to inspire you.

1. Pink Floyd "Time" Tattoo

An intricate, eye-catching upper thigh piece with mesmerizing colored shading to represent the night sky, this ode to Pink Floyd's well-treasured Dark Side Of The Moon track "Time" shows just how beautifully illustrated your body can be in the hands of a tattoo artist with a little imagination.

2. Biffy Clyro "Scary Mary" Tattoo

With lyrics taken from Biffy Clyro's Blackened Sky track "Scary Mary," this vibrantly colored lower leg tattoo is bittersweetly poignant yet suggests brighter days are still to come. I'm sure it will remind its owner that they have the strength and resilience to get through anything.

3. Blink 182 "Going Away To College" And "Feeling This" Tattoos

A double whammy of Blink 182 tattoos, these forearm fascinations are slick, starkly lined, and darkly poetic. They also combine illustrative influences from Tim Burton's Edward Scissorhands, so what's not to love?

4. Panic! At The Disco "Northern Downpour" Tattoo

This heart and umbrella tattoo based on Panic! At The Disco's "Northern Downpour" off the Pretty.Odd album gives a lighthearted take on a sweet song about love lost. The clean cartoon style and relatively small size is perfect for those who are new to the world of tattooing, and also makes it perfect for a variety of bodily placements.

5. Eminem "Lose Yourself" Tattoo

Not for the faint-hearted, this large, enthralling back piece based on the monumental Eminem track "Lose Yourself" is starkly striking. It's loud and unabashedly proud, suggesting a diehard fan who enjoys standing up and being counted as an individual.

6. Britney Spears "Work B*tch" Tattoo

Quick and simple, this tattoos's striking font ensures the owner's body artwork is far from boring. Its monochrome design is perfect for tattoo fans who aren't so big on color, and its simplicity makes it a more realistic option for committed Britney Spears fans after their first tattoo.

7. Madonna "Living For Love" Tattoo

Based on Madonna's single "Living For Love," in which she waxes lyrical about the perks and pitfalls (mostly pitfalls) of being in love, this cute, thinly-lined, cassette tape tattoo juxtaposes the nostalgic vibes of an '80s music medium with a very contemporary Madonna track. Its pocket-sized stature also makes it perfect for featuring on just about any bodily location your heart desires.

8. The Smiths "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" Tattoo

This admirably intricate and kaleidoscopically colorful tattoo based on The Smiths' iconic track from The Queen Is Dead features beautiful shading and gothic typeface pared with a lighthouse that offers hope and reassurance. The size could also be easily adapted to suit the requirements of the owner (which is great for Smiths' fans who've fallen in love with it, but already have alternative ink taking up valuable sleeve space).

9. Lady Gaga "Cake Like Lady Gaga" Tattoo

A slightly dreamy-looking forearm tattoo with watercolor elements and graffiti-esque typeface, this ode to Lady Gaga's slightly abstract yet irritatingly catchy track about not shying away from self-confidence is bright and striking without being too in your face.

Seriously, I can't think of a better way to commemorate a song that means the world to you than a beautiful tattoo.

Images: meechxtattoo/Instagram