7 Ways To Wear Glitter

by Emily McClure

Sparkles don't have to be gaudy. There are several ways to wear glitter without look like a child. From subtle lips to over-the-top eyes, this beauty product is what you make of it. It's the perfect accent to any makeup look. Just be aware of what you want, because a little glitter definitely goes a long way.

Something to be aware of is that there is a huge difference between craft store glitter and cosmetic glitter. Never, ever apply the craft store variety to your face. It isn't formulated to mesh well with your skin. In order to avoid any irritation, apply cosmetic glitter instead. This stuff was designed specifically for makeup application. Therefore, it's the best option to use when coming up with fun, creative makeup ideas. However, you do need to take precaution when applying the sparkles near your eyes — fallout can cause major irritation to your eyes.

Another thing to remember is that using sparkles and shimmer is supposed to be fun. Don't take yourself too seriously when wearing it. Let your hair down, and let your makeup shine. You'll be gleaming all day (or night) long. Here are a few of my favorite sophisticated ways to wear glitter that won't look silly.

1. Metallic Eyeliner

If you're looking to add a bit of shimmer to your makeup routine, try using a metallic gold eyeliner. This shimmy liquid mimics the look of actual glitter without any fallout or mess. My favorite gold eyeliner is NYX Liquid Crystal Liner in Gold.

2. Shimmery Lids

Kristian Dowling/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Apply a bit of glitter to the center of your eyes to create a shimmery look. Use a dab of non-toxic eyelash glue to the areas you're applying the sparkle in order to make the product adhere to the skin properly. Otherwise, you may end up with glittery cheeks instead.

3. Glossy Lips

This tutorial by Marc Zapanta just makes me so happy! Those shimmery lips look incredible, AND sophisticated. Who would have thought glitter could be so mature?!

4. Frosty Highlight

Strobing is a huge trend this season, so try it out using some glitter. Silver cosmetic glitter is perfect for those wanting a dramatic #onfleek highlighter. It's so sexy, and will make your skin look flawless.

5. Haute Hands

Mireya Acierto/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Even adults like to have shimmery nails. Amp up your manicure by using a bit of glitter nail polish. Seal in the product with a top coat to prevent any chipping

6. Shining Eyelashes

Miles Willis/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Take your lashes from boring to beautiful with a swipe of a shimmery mascara top coat. Circa Beauty has an amazing top coat that offers just a touch of glitter to make your eyelashes a knock-out.

7. All Over Shimmer

Body glitter may be for tweens, but shimmering skin is for the adults. Here's an amazing DIY on making an at-home body illuminator that will have you glowing from head to toe.

Now, go out there, and shine bright like the diamond you are.