The Lazy Girl's Guide To Applying Lip Liner

The secret's out. You don't have to be a celebrity makeup artist in order to line your own lips. In four easy steps for lining your lips, you can reach Kardashian status in no time. I know it sounds crazy, but it's actually that simple. For lazy girls and makeup newbies, you don't need to waste your time on crazy intense contouring and highlighting. You can have sophisticated, natural looking lip color in less time than it takes to order your morning coffee. So take the easier route instead. All you need is a liner, lipstick, and a strong desire for knockout lips.

If you’re quickly running out the door and short on time, don’t forget to line your lips. It takes less than a minute to get yourself looking put together. You don't even need to practice to be a natural at this simple makeup step. Think of your lips as a page in the coloring book. All you have to do is make sure you color inside of the lines. Just start from the outer edges, and work your way inwards. It takes only a few minutes. Looking to create a sexy, effortless pout? Here is how to line your lips like a professional in four easy steps.

1. Choose A Neutral Shade

Try choosing shades that are either your lip color or one shade darker. These shades are more forgiving when lining your lips, and create a flawless base for any lipstick. One of my personal favorites is MAC Cremestick Liner in Beurre (similar lip shade here).

2. Make An "O" Shape With Your Mouth

Start by making an "O" shape with your mouth. Gently press the lip liner against the edge, and trace around your lips. Go slowly with this step. Lining your lips isn't a race.

3. Color Inside The Lines

Make a mistake during the last step? Fix it by completely filling in the lip. Not only does this fix any little mistakes, but it also provides a great long-lasting base for your lipstick.

4. Fill In With Lipstick

Finish off your beautiful creation by layering the lip liner with a matching lipstick. I chose Circa Beauty's Velvet Luxe Lipstick in Ava for this step. This seals in your liner, and creates flawless, natural looking lips.

Now, go ahead, and high-five yourself. You just lined your own lips like a professional.

Images: Emily McClure (4)