Lena Dunham is Stressed out by Twitter, so Here are 12 of her Most Stressful Tweets

Joining the list of celebrities with mixed feelings about the social media site, Lena Dunham revealed that she thinks Twitter is stressful. Or more accurately, she finds the pressure to keep up a Twitter account stressful. "I’m a writer, and sort of an actor, and a director, but I’m also supposed to be able to pose for photos and have an amazing Twitter that doesn’t offend anybody," she told Salon as if keeping a non-offensive Twitter account is one of the world's greatest struggles. "I feel like I miss a little bit the old – I mean it was kind of pre my career – but the idea that you made something, you put out a book or you put out a movie, and then you went into hibernation," she continued to lament. "You had your experience of preparing to put the next thing into the world. And that doesn’t exist, because people are blogging and tweeting."

We know Dunham's life is rough because we've seen Girls which is based not-so-loosely on her own life, but we had no idea how stressful it really was. In honor of the stress that is tweeting, we've rounded up Dunham's most struggle-filled tweets.