The Hungover Girl's Guide to Starting Your New Year's Resolutions Today

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"Too much of anything is bad," F. Scott Fitzgerald once said, "but too much of Champagne is just right." You may have been living it up Scott and Zelda-style last night (and I hope you were flitting among the stars like a sparkling moth), but this morning? Chances are you don't feel up to writing the next Gatsby, much less getting started on that long list of New Year's resolutions you wrote out so prettily last weekend.

Down approximately 10 champagne flutes of water and pick up that dreaded list, because starting a new year's resolution on January 2 is no way to live. Onward and upward and take an Advil, my little Scotts and Zeldas, because as you know, the journey of 10,000 miles begins with a small act of hungover endurance.

Image: Monkey Business/Fotolia

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