9 Worst Pieces Of Relationship Advice Ever

by Danielle Page

It's a fact: Folks love to give unsolicited relationship advice. Whether you're out there living the single life or working through and issue you and bae are having, it seems like just about everyone you encounter wants to throw in their two cents -- whether you've asked for it or not. Of course, you know that they mean well. But sometimes the advice you're being given isn't what you need to hear. Sometimes people give you bad relationship advice, like really bad. Advice from an older relative feels outdated in today's modern dating world, and even your bff who's been coupled up for a few years likely doesn't really know the struggle that comes with trying to navigate the dating app scene.

There's nothing quite as painstaking as nodding and smiling through some of the worst advice you've ever heard— except maybe for having to issue an empty thank you to this aspiring Dear Abby after everything is all said and done.

The good news? You're not alone in this struggle. Doing the smile and nod toward downright bad relationship advice is a right of passage. I asked 9 people for the worst relationship advice they've ever been given, and they didn't disappoint. Read on for the most useless information they've ever received.

1. Maggie, 27

"Boys will be boys."

Sure, let's just give their bad behavior a pass since after all, they have penises.

2. Katherine, 30

"It's not attractive to be angry."

I'm angry just reading this one.

3. Eric, 31

"The guy cutting my hair once told me to put an add in the local Pennysaver stating, 'Girls wanted dead or alive for Valentine's Day date.'"

Not frightening at all.

4. Joe, 27

"Just hang in there."

Especially when it's said out of nowhere, after you've given no inclination that you're thinking about jumping off the sad single person cliff.

5. Jen, 32

"Well, maybe if you just toned it down a bit, it would work out between you guys. Men are intimidated by a strong woman."

So basically, change your personality? I'm sure that'll turn out well.

6. Maggie, 26

"Don't break up yet; just take a break."

You know there are no breaks when you're married though, right?

7. Jess, 27

"Give him another chance. You broke his heart, so he f*cked your best friend."

I'd say that the crime most definitely doesn't fit the punishment here.

8. Nicole, 24

"Be the one who loves less."

Because relationships are smooth sailing as long as you've got the upper hand?

9. Sam, 29

"You need to stop expecting so much."

Lower what you expect from this person you might spend forever with, that way you won't be disappointed.

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