'Wolf Of Wall Street's Stripper Reveals how Excited Leo DiCaprio's Got During Her Dance

The Wolf Of Wall Street PR team seems to be doing their jobs — that movie's all over the headlines this week. Whether it's the debate as to whether the movie is glorifying or lambasting the characters' morality, or the general admiring of what is being called Leonardo DiCaprio's best comedic performance to date, it's certainly being discussed. Including by comedian Tracie Jayne, who played a stripper in The Wolf of Wall Street — AKA the main type of woman the movie takes the time to feature. But at least we get an on-set Wolf of Wall Street story of DiCaprio out of it?

Jayne was interviewed by a TMZ reporter about the experience of spending an entire day on set giving DiCaprio a lap dance."I grabbed the back of his chair, I licked his cheek, I licked his neck," she recounted cheerfully. "I bit his ear, everything! And he kept telling me 'go for it!' and so I did."

Then the reporter, being of the TMZ ilk, asked whether or not DiCaprio became...aroused during the experience.

"He was very complimentary, but he was also quite the gentleman," Jayne said. The reporter kept poking at the question of whether or not DiCaprio "Maybe he was wearing spanx, maybe he taped it down, or thought about his dead grandmother or something, I don't know."

He's a veteran actor, so it's not like this is DiCaprio's first time 'round the track. It's like Sean Connery used to say to women before filming love scenes: "I’m sorry if I get aroused and I’m sorry if I don’t."

Below you can see some of Jayne's comedy, as well as her recounting of her Wolf Of Wall Street experience.

Image: Paramount