How To Do Dany's Hairstyle From 'Game Of Thrones'

We're really getting down to the wire as far as Halloween, so I'm betting (hoping?) that you have your costume all picked out, and you're down to the finishing touches, like hair and makeup. And, if that's the case, then you've already read our post on how to dress like Daenerys Targaryen for Halloween, and you're ready to figure out how to copy Dany's hairstyle as well, right? After all, even the best Mother of Dragons costume could be just another background Game of Thrones character without Dany's signature silvery-blond locks!

The good news about achieving this look is that, even though Daenerys changes her hair from episode to episode, all the styles are in the same basic vein, so you can go as elaborate or as simple as you want. And, in addition, you can create these looks on either your own hair or a wig, so all your options are still on the table. No matter what you decide to go with, the basic, recognizable look is a half-back style with braids and curls, so I have faith that this is a look you can pull off; it's very adjustable according to skill level.

And, luckily, my own skill level in describing exactly what to do with your hair isn't going to be tested either, because there's a wonderful tutorial on YouTube that breaks it down into seven easy steps.

1. Starting Out

You're going to want to begin with dirty-ish hair, so it's not super slippery and wanting to fall out of the braid. If you have the ability to go one or two days without washing your hair before trying this look, do that, but, if you don't, spray some dry shampoo to filthy up your strands a little bit so they'll hold together more easily. Then, secure the bottom half of your hair in two pigtails down below, and get ready to go to work on the top half.

2. The First Braid

You're going to be making two braids from the crown of your head at the front, moving around to the back, so start with whichever side you feel most comfortable with. Get three strands very close to your forehead, and begin a normal braid, bringing the outer strands under the middle one.

3. Begin Adding Hair

Once the top strand goes under the middle one for the second time, grab some hair from the top and add it to the middle strand for a take on a Dutch braid that will lie close to the head instead of falling straight down. Note: a normal Dutch braid would have you adding hair to the middle strand from both the top and the bottom, but this version asks for strands to be added only at the top, so you'll be adding hair every other step. Continue braiding in this style until you get to the back of your head, then return to braiding normally, securing the braid at the end with a hair tie.

4. Repeat For The Other Side

Mirror the look on the other side, then secure the two braids together at the back of your head. If you're going simpler, you can stop here and start curling, or you can continue on to add more braids for a more elaborate look. It's your call, Khaleesi!

5. Add Another Row Of Braids

If you decided to continue, welcome! Glad to have you. Leaving a chunk of hair free on either side of your head at your temple for curling later on, begin the second braid on either your right or left side — once again, we're doing both, so it's up to you. This time around, it will be a traditional Dutch braid, so you'll be adding hair to the top or bottom segments every time the strands cross. Once again, when you get to the back of your head, switch to braiding normally, without adding new hair. The last piece of hair you pull in on either side should be directly behind your ear.

6. Secure Both Sets Of Braids In The Back

Secure the two braids you just made to the tail of the original two braids behind your head, right around the base of your skull.

7. Go Curl Crazy

Daenerys has super textured hair, so the more curls the better. Use a medium-barreled curling iron to curl strands away from your face, or, if you have thick hair and natural waves, intensify those with some salt spray for a style that corresponds more with a "lost in the desert" look. That's what's so great about this video — it corresponds to multiple hair types and skill levels. Take a look.

And you've done it! All you need now is three lil baby dragons to perch on your shoulders and bring you hors d'oeuvres all night. And that, unfortunately, I cannot help you with... but damn is your hair gonna look good.

Images: HBO (2); LilithMoon/YouTube (7)