'W' Cover Star Jessica Chastain Looks Nothing Like Herself On The November Issue — PHOTO

I always kind of love it when celebrities transform themselves for editorials. Glamour shots are great and all, but I prefer when it's not always about looking perfect and pretty, but more so about an artistic vision. According to Perez Hilton, Jessica Chastain's W cover is so transformative, it will have you questioning, "Is that really her?" Oh yeah — it's her in all her fierce glory. Just wait for it.

The Oscar nominee is normally better known for her mermaid red hair, porcelain skin, and doll-like features, but she's trying out a whole different look on the November cover of W Magazine. Chastain's shoot is totally punk rock-inspired, and she swaps her red locks for bright pink hair and some seriously thick black eyebrows. If you thought Cara Delevingne's brow game was strong, just wait until you see Chastain's.

On the cover, The Help actress poses in a low-cut, lacy dress adorned with a cross and beads hanging from her neck and oversized black hoop earrings. Not that I had any doubts about her capabilities, but she completely pulled off the whole punk rocker vibe, and honestly, the more I look at the photos, the more I am a fan of this new look. The brows don't even really freak me out that much.

They weren't kidding about the whole "like you've never seen her before" thing.

I'm totally into her edgy side.

Chastain isn't the only celeb who has taken the opportunity to trick their fans as a cover star. Check out these other starlets who totally transformed themselves on the covers of magazines — they're basically unrecognizable.

Taylor Swift

Swift shocked fans when she appeared on Wonderland looking literally nothing like herself. I mean — where's the red lip and cat-eye?


Whoa. Just whoa.

Katy Perry

We don't usually see this sensual side of Perry, but it's totally smoldering.

Kristen Stewart

This stunning cover makes me wonder why Stewart doesn't show her softer side more often.

Miley Cyrus

The bleached out brows will trip you out for a sec. Also — W is clearly all about the transformations.

Jennifer Aniston

I don't think I've seen Aniston with this much makeup, EVER.

Lady Gaga

You were expecting it to be another W, weren't you? Gaga's Porter cover was beyond flawless, and she looked like she literally stepped right out of the '70s.

Image: W Magazine (4); Wonderland; Tush; Interview; Porter