This Is The Sexiest Thing To Say In Bed

Want an instant boost for your sex life? Start talking dirty during sex. Studies suggest that keeping the lines of communication open during sex actually intensifies the experience for you and your partner. This makes a lot of sense, since dirty phrases that direct your partner to do something "faster" or "harder" helps them learn what you like — and vice versa. Which ups your sex game every time the two of you go at it.

Not to mention, it's downright awful when the person you're bumping uglies with doesn't make a sound. Like, can I get a grunt or a curse word or something that tells me this is working for you?

So, what are some of the things that sound extra sexy when said in bed? I asked a few avid fans of dirty talk to tell us the sexiest thing they've ever heard in the sack. Disclaimer: You might need to take a cold shower after reading this. If you're looking for some dirty talk inspiration, you've come to the right place. I promise not to tell your partner if you decide to borrow one of these 10 phrases.

1. Rick, 26

"You can choke me if you want."

2. Anthony, 27

"You're so f*cking sexy."

3. Samantha, 24

"Do that thing you did to me last time."

4. Jason, 23

"Harder, please."

5. Kayla, 22

"Your turn."

6. James, 29

"Spank me."

7. Kyle, 28

"I want you to come on me."

8. Kevin, 31

"You can put it anywhere you want."

9. Laura, 25

"I want to see you touch yourself."

10. Eric, 26

"Holy sh*t."

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