Madonna Channels Marilyn Monroe With A Twist

Now that she's on the TENTH world tour of her career, Madonna's not holding back and making sure that all the details are fit for a queen. One of the more shocking elements of the Rebel Heart Tour is when Madonna wears $10 million worth of diamonds to recreate one of her most iconic looks. Jeweler Neil Lane told People about he ended up loaning the pop star tons of jewelry, which was photographed for the tour book as well as a video montage used in the show.

“I sent hundreds of images of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets," Lane said. "They also sent me the clip of the performance in 1991 so I could review it. Madonna circled what she liked. She was very involved in the process.” The look was inspired by Madonna's performance of "Sooner or Later" at the 1991 Academy Awards, where she channeled Marilyn Monroe in a beaded white gown and fur, dripping with diamonds. That was also the same night when Madonna arrived with her date Michael Jackson to the Oscars.

Of course, this is Madonna we're talking about, so she wasn't just going to recreate one of her most iconic looks without an edgy twist. According to Lane, the singer requested that they use fake blood for the tour book and video shoot. Madge first teased the bombshell look, sans blood, on Instagram months before the tour launched.

Fans finally the full look at the Marilyn Monroe-meets-Marilyn Manson vibe of Madonna's Rebel Heart Tour book:

“I didn’t know how to really respond,” Lane said. “This is all platinum and diamonds, but I said, ‘OK, why not.’ But that’s typical of her. She takes something and twists it and makes it really relevant. It was really sticky jewelry when it came back.” In honor of Madonna constantly reinventing herself for the sake of art, here are seven other times when the Queen of Pop put her own spin on a certain look, some more controversial than others.


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Madonna's latest persona is a throwback to her iconic 1994 music video "Take A Bow," but this time she's the bullfighter.


Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The singer first went Western during the Music era, but she brought back this country style when she performed "Same Love" with Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, and Mary Lambert at the Grammys.



Madonna culturally appropriated geishas in one of her most problematic and controversial costumes.


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The stellar opening of her Confessions Tour was inspired by her love of horse-riding.

Cheerleader/Drum Major

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L-U-V... Madonna!

Roman Gladiator


Her Givenchy outfit and greatest hits performance dominated the Super Bowl Halftime show in 2012.



Madonna traded pop hooks for guitar riffs and punk rock couture during her Drowned World Tour.

Image: Madonna/Instagram