Get Ready For A Different Zoom On 'The Flash'

Finally! It's time to meet the man known as Zoom on The Flash . Even though we're only one episode into Season 2, it feels like we've been waiting forever for the CW series to introduce one of Barry Allen's most loved (and by most loved, I mean most hated) enemies. But now that he's finally arrived, it's time to analyze Zoom's DC Comics background for clues, going through every detail. Let's start with his name. Zoom's real name is... Eobard Thawne. Well, sometimes.

Just like we're learning that there are two Flashes out there in the world — surprise! — there are two Zooms too. Professor Zoom we kind of met last season on The Flash, even though he never actually came out and called himself that. In the comics, Eobard Thawne is known as Reverse-Flash, and also happens to go by the nickname Professor Zoom. Now, leave everything you know about Professor Zoom behind, because it's time to meet the Zoom who's going to be big trouble for Barry in Season 2, and his name is Hunter Zolomon. At least, it is in DC Comics — The Flash could always throw us a curveball.

But let's talk about Zolomon, who also happens to be a Reverse-Flash, since Reverse-Flash isn't so much a person as it is a title for someone who really, really hates Barry. This Zolomon is the third Reverse-Flash that Barry goes up against, and he's just as bad as the others. In the beginning, he actually was a good friend to Barry (and his nephew, Wally West) before turning evil.

Zolomon was just a regular guy who happened to work in Keystone City. Then he came across one of our other favorite Flash baddies: Gorilla Grodd. The enhanced gorilla severely injured Zolomon, leaving him paralyzed. Zolomon begged then-Flash Wally West to go back in time to stop the attack, and Wally was like, "pass." Zolomon, needless to say, wasn't exactly happy with this response. Taking matters into his own hands, he tried to go back in time with the Cosmic Treadmill, and that didn't go so well.

Or, it didn't go well for everyone else in Central/Keystone City. It worked out great for Zolomon, who suddenly found himself not as a speedster, but with the ability to alter the speed at which he traveled. Essentially, while it looked like he was running really fast, that was simply time speeding up around him.

Though Zolomon was also an enemy of Barry's, he usually went up against Wally. Even though Wally is coming to The Flash Season 2, as reported by Variety, right now it looks like Zolomon is here for Barry. It also appears as if Zolomon could be from a completely different timeline. The Speed Force did open Earth-Two, letting Jay Garrick cross over into Barry's world, why couldn't Zolomon make the same trip?

What's not clear is if we'll actually see Zolomon in the flesh. Currently, it seems that Tony Todd has only been cast to voice Zoom, and there haven't been any announcements about someone physically playing him. In the video above, we certainly hear his voice, but everything else is just a blur with some fancy blue bursts of lightning flying around his body.

We may not know how closely The Flash will stick to Zoom's comic book storyline, but no matter what, it looks like Barry will have his work cut out for him in Season 2.

Image: Cate Cameron/The CW