'Wolf of Wall Street' Wins The Distinction Of Most F-Bombs Used In A Single Film Ever

The Wolf Of Wall Street was really hedonistic, guys. Like, hella hedonistic. Which is why it's not really all that surprising the Wolf Of Wall Street uses the f-word more than any other narrative feature. Ever. They say fuck a lot, basically. A lot a lot. The douchenozzles in The Wolf Of Wall Street do a lot of things a lot — they do a lot of cocaine, cheat on their spouses frequently and with a lot of hookers, swindle America, etc. Oh, and they cuss.

The previous holder of this illustrious record is Spike Lee's 1999 film Summer Of Sam, which uses the word a total of 435 times. Wolf Of Wall Street has overcome that record with its 506 uses of the word. There's even a handy little Wikiperdia chart! Other films on the list include Goodfellas (with 300) and a number of Quentin Tarantino movies.

Wolf Of Wall Street is, very overtly, all about the misbehavior of wealthy white men as they try their darndest to become even more wealthy as they fuck their way through Manhattan and rape their wives. This has led, in due course, to a raucous debate over the morality of the film — most specifically whether or not the depicted hedonism is a glorification or an indictment. Here's what Leo DiCapio said on the matter when he talked to Deadline:

Plus he got to say fuck way more than he did in Titanic.

Image: Paramount