Tracy Morgan Performs His First Recent Live Show

by Kadeen Griffiths

If you're a fan of Tracy Morgan, then you are probably kicking yourself that you were not in New York City on Monday night when the comedian took another landmark step forward in his career recovery after his tragic accident. Folks lucky enough to attend the Greenwich Village comedy club were delighted when Morgan did his first live performance in a surprise stand-up routine that delighted both the club and the audience therein. Unsurprisingly, his humor pulled straight from his real life, with many references to the accident, such as, according to Refinery29, when he joked that a cough in the middle of the set was eight "because of the accident" or "from smoking too much weed."

That wasn't even his only stop of the night. Morgan also performed in The Stand in Gramercy later that same night, because when he makes a comeback he really makes a comeback. And both of these surprise shows are coming in advance of his upcoming hosting stint on Saturday Night Live, which we all thought was going to be his first actual show. We really should have know that, when it comes to a performer as versatile and dedicated as Morgan, that it was best to expect the unexpected. Sadly, most of us could not hang out at every New York comedy club at every time of day on every day of the week in the hopes that he might decide to wander in, but at least we have photos.

It's amazing to see Morgan out and about and getting back to his career after we spent so long watching his slow recovery from the accident that changed everything. Through all of the rumors, and through how hard he had to fight to get back on his feet, there have been moments of happiness — and this is a pretty big one both for the comedian and for fans of the comedian. The fact that Morgan is not only making a comeback, but is making as big a comeback as he possibly can, is true proof that we can overcome anything in our lives with hard work, dedication, and a little help from our friends.

Whether Morgan's appearance at comedy clubs on Monday night was a one time thing, or if he'll be doing stand-up shows for the rest of the week before hosting Saturday Night Live, still remains to be seen, but, until we know for sure, it's about time that we start stalking out every New York comedy club at every time of day on every day of the week. You know. Just in case.